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Diamond Amplification
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Diamond Amps Deploys Special Ops for Troops
Diamond Amps Deploys Special Ops for Troops

Houston, TX November 09, 2010 – Diamond Amplification today announces Diamond’s 2010 Support Your Troops benefit. CEO/Owner Jeff Diamant and business partner Terry Martin have put together a program to turn 10% of all proceeds from sales of …

Reinventing Dean: Zelinsky Launches DBZ Guitars

CHICAGO & HOUSTON, August 26, 2008 — Today world-renowned guitar maker Dean Zelinsky unveils his new company DBZ Guitars LLC, and Web site. Said CEO Zelinsky, “DBZ Guitars will have my personal control over design, direction and quality.” T …

Legendary Guitar Builder Dean Zelinsky Exits Dean Guitars

CHICAGO, IL, July 22, 2008 - Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, announced today that he has parted ways with the company that he founded in 1976, which still bears his name. Having sold Dean Guitars in 1991, Zelinsky played an integra …

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