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Yamaha Re-thinks How Student Strings Are Made and Played

Anaheim, California, United States

The traditional techniques used to manufacture the finest stringed instruments have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Yamaha is changing this with today's announcement of the YVN Model 3 Student Violin Outfit, a major step forward in the manufacture of stringed instruments for developing players, academic music programs and the rental market.

Drawing upon advanced building methods first developed for Yamaha percussion and wind instruments, the YVN Model 3 is constructed with the tight tolerances normally associated with much more expensive, luthier-built models. These improvements allow the violin to sing with rich tone while maintaining student-proof durability for renters—and a family-friendly price for those ready to invest in a quality starter instrument.

By innovating key parts of the manufacturing process, Yamaha has found new ways to use traditional materials while simultaneously reducing time and material consumption. Among the innovations is a proprietary graduated "press-formed" spruce top that offers exceptional tone and resonance for a student violin. Yamaha also designed the YVN Model 3 to be easier to service than traditional stringed instruments, making it both faster and more cost-effective to keep the violin at peak performance. At the same reducing material waste and improving manufacturing efficiency to improve the company's carbon footprint.

Yamaha applied its innovative approach to the instrument's appearance, as well. A completely new laser cutting technique uses resin to create handsome inlaid purfling. The finish, while traditional in look, is designed to be a durable performer in rental situations and in school orchestra programs.

"Over many decades of building instruments for teachers, retailers, rental houses, and players of all levels, we heard over and over that they wanted great sound, playability, easy maintenance and durability—all at an affordable price," says Ken Dattmore, marketing manager, Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America. "It's always a leap of faith to try something new, especially with an instrument as traditional as violin. But we're finding that the dealers, teachers and technicians who've been most excited about the YVN Model 3 have been those most knowledgeable about traditional violinmaking. It delivers the performance they want—in a package and at a price they find very attractive."

Pricing and Availability

The full-sized Yamaha YVN Model 3 outfit, which includes a bow and sturdy shaped ABS case, has an MSRP of $835.00 and is expected to ship during the first quarter of 2019.

The dedicated web page for the YVN Model 3 is here.

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