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Zaza gets a NOTION™ to Compose — Award winning guitarist melds creativity and technology

United States
Greensboro, NC (August 22, 2006) — Award winning guitarist and composer Neil Zaza has just released a new instrumental album, “When Gravity Fails” and utilizes NOTION software as the orchestral backdrop to capture stunning performances with fellow musicians Jordan Rudess, Peter Frampton, Steve Smith, Michael Anthony, Roger Manning Jr., Bob Rock and many others.

Zaza employed a number of music software products on the new album including Steinberg’s Cubase SX, Arturia Minimoog V, Ableton Live, Propellarheads Reason and Digideisgn’s Pro Tools. But when it came to composing and capturing the essence of the string arrangements, VirtuosoWorks’ NOTION software proved up to the task.

“When I first saw the demo of NOTION I was blown away,” exclaims Zaza. “Not only is it a great and intuitive notation program, but the sound library is second to none. The amount of control, dynamics, and musicality that you can impart on the score is breathtaking. Combine that with the London Symphony Orchestra sound library and it was a no-brainer.”

Zaza and company used NOTION on “Something Anything”, “Danza Della Notte”, and “My Only Son” and had originally had real string players cut tracks. The NOTION tracks ultimately became the main sound source while the live players were mixed in.

“This was my very first project where I did all of the arranging and orchestration. I realized early in this project that I couldn’t ask someone to paint a picture for me as it was always different than I had in my mind…I had to do it myself to get the results I desired. With the help of NOTION, this is the beginning of a great aspect of my music.

I couldn’t believe how it elevated the music to a whole other level. There was a certain majesty and authenticity that I couldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Zaza plans to incorporate NOTION into his arsenal of technology for composing future projects such as a planned orchestral-based work and as a performance tool in his annual “One Silent Night” Christmas concert.

Neil Zaza’s new album “When Gravity Fails” is available now. You can find out more about this release and purchase it at www.neilzaza.com.

About Neil Zaza

With fiery technical brilliance and breathtaking musical interpretation, Neil Zaza has defined himself as the instrumental guitarist with an unparalleled ability to combine solid, catchy songwriting with a keen melodic sense and technical fury. From his virtuoso rock solos, to laying a funk groove, to demonstrating his classical prowess by performing Bach and Mozart compositions, Zaza’s extreme versatility has been showcased worldwide in concerts, clinics, festivals, as well as on his own solo instrumental albums. Zaza has shared the bill with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Steve & Mike Porcaro (Toto), Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, and Andy Summers. He has performed on albums by Dweezil Zappa, Eric Carmen, Michael Stanley and also supplied guitar tracks for a Stewart Copeland-produced movie soundtrack.

About VirtuosoWorks

VirtuosoWorks, Inc. is an award-winning software company with a mission to support composers, musicians, educators and students in the advancement of music in all its forms and applications. Founded in 1998 and based in Greensboro, N.C., VirtuosoWorks created NOTION music composition and performance software, incorporating its passion, vast musical knowledge, advanced programming and the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios. VirtuosoWorks released NOTION to the public in April 2005. It is available online or at music retailers.
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