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New Organization Established in U.S. to Expand and Strengthen Yamaha’s Guitar Business

Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan
Yamaha Corporation Logo

With the aim of further expanding and strengthening its guitar business, Yamaha Corporation (hereinafter Yamaha) announced that, effective April 1, 2018, Yamaha will change the name of its U.S. wholly owned subsidiary for guitar and peripheral products manufacturing and sales, Line 6, Inc. (President: Marcus Ryle, hereinafter Line 6), to Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. (hereinafter YGG). YGG will be responsible for strategy formulation and implementation for the guitar businesses of both the Yamaha and Line 6 brands from its position in the United States, and begin planning, engineering, and marketing for guitars and related products for both brands.

Regarding this major change in strategy, Shoji Mita, Co-President of YGG, noted “We are enthusiastic about bringing this multi-brand entity together under one organizational roof. This will better enable employees to take a customer-driven approach to how both brands develop products and serve their customers.” He went on to add “The new organizational entity will also be better positioned for more efficient sales operations, supply chain management, manufacturing, and logistics with our business partners.”

Marcus Ryle, now also Co-President of YGG with Shoji Mita and founder of Line 6, went on to add “Since joining the Yamaha family four years ago, the energy between the two brands and the people who drive them has continued to build. It became apparent that in order to continue capitalizing on this momentum the next step was to formally unify.”

Thus far, the Yamaha Group has supplied distinctive, high-quality guitar and peripheral products to markets around the world. Within the markets for musical instruments, the market size in volume terms of guitar-related products exceeds that of pianos, wind instruments, and other instruments. In addition, since the U.S. market has the largest number of guitar players and a major impact on the world market, Yamaha has, therefore, positioned it as an extremely important region.

In view of this market environment, to accelerate growth of its guitar business, Yamaha has decided to move its strategy formulation functions for this business, which were formerly conducted in Japan, to the United States. Yamaha will also implement responsive business development based on its position in the United States, so that it can provide more attractive products and services to guitarists by drawing on the strengths of the Yamaha and Line 6 brands and other resources.

The establishment of YGG is expected to result in further growth in Yamaha’s guitar business.

Outline of the Newly Renamed Subsidiary YGG

  • Name: Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc.
  • Location: Calabasas City, California, U.S.
  • Representatives: (Co-Presidents) Marcus Ryle and Shoji Mita (As of April 1, 2018)
  • Number of employees: 176
  • Paid-in capital: US$20,722,000.00
  • Effective date of change: April 1, 2018
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