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ESP Guitars Introduces New “EverTune” Models At NAMM

United States
Constant Tension Keeps Guitars In Tune Under All Conditions

ANAHEIM, CA (January 24, 2013) – ESP Guitars (NAMM Demo Room 213D) has become the first major guitar manufacturer to offer a factory-installed EverTune bridge system with the introduction of the new LTD EC-1000ET and LTD MH-1000ET models at the 2013 Winter NAMM Show. The EverTune bridge system uses a unique and patented method of constant tension springs installed within the guitar’s body. The result is a guitar that stays in tune in nearly all conditions, with near-perfect intonation at all points of the neck.

“We’re happy to be able to offer ESP customers the opportunity to use the EverTune bridge with the EC-1000ET and the MH-1000ET,” said Jeff Moore, ESP Senior Vice-President. “There’s nothing like it that’s ever been done for guitars before now, and it’s truly a revolutionary technology for the guitar.” Mark Chayet of EverTune concurs. “We are honored that ESP has chosen to deliver guitars with the EverTune bridge installed at their factory. This will allow many more people to experience the EverTune bridge for themselves, and we know that once people try EverTune, they’ll be amazed.”

EverTune is a simple concept that keeps a string in tune until it wants to be changed. It is a passive, all mechanical system, with its main component being a spring set in a clever position within the body of the instrument. EverTune is very rugged and reliable with only one moving part, and with all critical parts being made from high quality steel. It is also reasonably priced compared to servo-based (robotic) systems, and extremely effective.

The LTD EC-1000ET puts the EverTune bridge in ESP’s popular EC model, which has a mahogany body with maple top, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and EMG 81 (bridge) and EMG 60 (neck) active pickups. The MH-1000ET implements its EverTune bridge in the MH body, with set-neck construction on a mahogany body with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and uses EMG 81 (bridge) and EMG 85 (neck) active pickups. Both guitars will be made available to authorized ESP dealers and distributors worldwide.

About ESP Guitars

Founded in 1975, ESP Guitar Company is the respected manufacturer of custom electric guitars for musicians around the world. The ESP brands of guitars and basses include ESP, LTD, and LTD Elite.
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