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Theo Wanne Unveils MANTRA Saxophone line at NAMM 2013

United States
Theo Wanne unveils the full production MANTRA tenor and soprano saxophones at NAMM 2013. These saxophones are the most innovative saxophones in decades and the prototype tenor version won a spot as a top 50 product at NAMM 2012.

Bellingham, WA, January 08, 2013 -- Theo Wanne is the eminent world expert on woodwind mouthpieces. Theo has applied the same knowledge and innovation into his line of saxophones. He has combined the huge and beautiful sound of the vintage horns (such as his favorite Conn Chu and Selmer Mark VI saxophones) with the intonation and playability of modern horns. He has then applied his innovative thinking and advanced technology to create a historically superior saxophone.

A mantra is a sound, or group of sounds, that leads the speaker to freedom! The feeling of freedom and full self-expression is what the MANTRA saxophones and their history-changing innovations are designed to produce. Professional musicians comment:

Tim Izo of The Black Eyed Peas says, "The MANTRA is so inspiring to play, I'm falling back in love with the saxophone!"

Ron Holloway of the Allman Bros Band says, "The MANTRA is mind-boggling! It's in a class by itself!"

Eddie Baccus Jr. of Pieces of a Dream says, "The MANTRA is the best saxophone I've played in my life!"

Critical designs, parts and setup are done at the Theo Wanne factory in Bellingham, WA USA. A new mouthpiece has been developed for, and included with, the MANTRA saxophones.

Theo has also applied new concepts to the instrument design that have proven to be a quantum leap forward in neck design. His completely redesigned neck tube has nothing soldered to it except at the octave pip, which must be there. It has no keys, guides, or braces soldered to the tube to dampen it. The octave key rides on cartridge ball bearings, and is completely isolated from the neck tube and brace. This is one of over 30 innovations and features.

Reviewers have commented:

Downbeat Magazine says, “Quantum leap in tone and design. These horns have to be played to be believed.”
Music Inc. Magazine says, “Theo Wanne MANTRA sax is one of the Top 50 Products from NAMM 2012“.
Jazz Times Magazine says, “A Spiritual Sax! “

You can learn more about Theo Wanne by watching their new company video, Theo Wanne – Manufacturing and Innovations, or visiting their new website at: theowanne.com. Theo Wanne is attracting the world’s top musicians, dealers, distributors, and OEM prospects.
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