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JodyJazz Inc Announces Expansion

United States
Photo shows Jody Espina and the staff of JodyJazz Inc with the new five-axis CNC machine at the company’s facilities in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, 21 January 2013 - JodyJazz Inc the world-famous manufacturer of premium quality saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces has recently announced a series of initiatives to expand its production capabilities and further its reach into international markets. Significant investments have been made in technology, machinery and man-power in order to finally bring the production into line with demand.

"We developed some aggressive growth plans a couple of years ago and I'm proud to say that with these latest moves we are ahead of schedule,” said founder and President Jody Espina. "Most importantly we have been able to bring the core of our production process in-house. This will enable us to control our own destiny which is so crucial to our future," he continued.

The first move was to purchase its building in Savannah which was then soon followed by major investments in new machinery and technology. This new machinery and technology enables a greater than ever level of precision and speed resulting in both increased quality and capacity. The centerpiece of this investment is a state of the art five-axis CNC machine. By allowing the mouthpiece to rotate on multiple angles as it’s shaped by the drill bit, the five-axis CNC machine allows for greater accuracy and more nuanced design than was possible with earlier equipment.

But not only will these investments allow the company to increase its manufacturing capacity for products already in production, it will also accelerate the introduction of totally new designs, some of which have been in development for some time. Being able to now do all prototyping in-house has streamlined the company’s prototyping process. Plus the use of technological advancements, such as a 3D scanning process, allows the design, development and testing of a new mouthpiece to all occur within a matter of a few days now.

The company also recently announced the appointment of Colin Schofield to the newly created position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing. An experienced industry professional, Schofield has previously held positions at the Avedis Zildjian Company and Gretsch.

JodyJazz Inc also continues to expand its publishing division dedicated to the development and distribution of music education media, originally established with the introduction of the successful DVD ‘The music of George Garzone and The Triadic Chromatic Approach’ by JodyJazz Endorser George Garzone. The company has recently expanded its offerings with several new titles including the new DVD by George Garzone titled ‘In the Funk Zone". Featuring an all-star line-up including guitar great Mike Stern, bass virtuoso John Patitucci and legendary drummer Kenwood Dennard, the new DVD has been highly acclaimed and received many stellar reviews. A new generation of play-along CDs titled ‘Tradin with the Greats’ has also been released with the first in the series featuring Garzone and pianist Kenny Werner. Look out for many new publishing projects in the future.
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