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daCarbo, The world’s first and only Carbon Fibre Trumpet

United States
9 Nov 2011 --

Excellent response – superb sound

The daCarbo produces a warm, rounded tone across its entire range. It allows excellent articulation and can be played very easily indeed, using little energy. The tone does not fade away in the upper registers. daCarbo trumpets can play one whole tone higher without extra effort on your part, allowing better performance and endurance in concerts.

Handiwork meets high-tech

By making wind instruments from carbon fiber compounds, it becomes possible to suppress vi- brations in the tube that simply waste energy. We can stiffen the bore walls in selected spots, or even make them comparatively softer – an enormous gain in freedom. Instrument-makers, engineers, acoustic designers and musicians have worked together to develop trumpets which are remarkably easy to play yet produce a warm and rounded tone. The high-tech production process guarantees a durable, uncompromising finish. Nevertheless each instrument is built with painstakingly precise, hand-crafted detail by our instrument-makers with love and care.

A warm material

The carbon material feels pleasantly warm to the touch, because unlike brass it has very low heat conductivity and does not take heat from your hand. The air column in the instrument behaves in similar fashion, remaining almost at breath temperature regardless of the ambient temperature where you play and regardless of the instrument’s temperature. This reduces the need to re-tune after you have been playing for a while, and also reduces condensation build-up inside the instru- ment.


The daCarbo’s carbon components are completely corrosion-free. This means that the inner sur- faces of your tube and bore always retain the same high quality without the pitting corrosion typical for brass instruments.

Your individual instrument

The daCarbo’s modular construction allows you to create an instrument that meets your needs.

daCarbo AG

daCarbo AG founded in 2009, develops and sells trumpets made from carbon fiber composites. The founder partners Werner Spiri and Andreas Keller have decades of experience in making trum- pets and in developing products in the synthetic material sector. It is this fertile combination of in - strument-maker’s know-how and materials science that makes daCarbo possible.


• Claudio Roditi who helped us from the beginning developing the natural sound.
• Philippe Litzler (principle trumpet of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich....)
• Michael Stever (Brian Culbertson Band, Rufus....)
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