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Reverend Guitars Launches Modern Guitar Series

United States
Guitars to Have Classic Look with High Performance Upgrades

ANAHEIM, CA, January 11, 2013 -- Reverend Guitars leads the industry in intelligent creativity with maximum performance. Our newest guitars, the Bayonet and the Kingbolt, have super sleek bodies and screaming pickups designed for heavy music. These models, as well as some other surprises, will debut at the 2013 NAMM Show at the Reverend Booth (#3084).

The Bayonet is a set neck model with a longer and thinner body shape. The body has bevels for more precision playing, while the ebony fretboard adds to the percussive attack. Railhammer pickups complete the package, with a heavy-wound Railhammer Anvil at the bridge, and an aggressive Chisel pickup at the neck. The Bayonet is available with a Wilkinson tremolo in Satin Deep Sea Blue, or in a hardtail version in Satin Army Green and Satin Black.

Reverend’s Kingbolt is a bolt-on guitar with a new sleek body shape as the Bayonet. There are three pickup options, and the Wilkinson tremolo is standard on all three. The Kingbolt with uncovered Reverend Zebra Humbuckers is available in Metallic Blue. The Kingbolt RA has a Railhammer Anvil bridge pickup and a Railhammer Hyper Vintage neck pickup and comes in Black, Satin Army Green and Metallic Gold Burst. And the Kingbolt RA-FM has the same Railhammer pickups, but with a Flame Maple top, and comes in Satin Violin Brown Burst and Satin Turquoise.

Also at the NAMM Show, Reverend is happy to host guitarists Gil Parris. Gil is a Grammy® nominated artist with a particular style that blends jazz, blues, rock and smooth jazz and has earned him critical acclaim. He will be appearing at the Reverend Booth (#3084) throughout the weekend (Come by our booth to see specific times). Gil will also be appearing at the All Star Guitar Night on Saturday, January 26 at the Marriott Hotel Anaheim.

Reverend offers a Gil Parris Signature model, with two humbuckers and a Lace Sensor Burgundy single coil pickup. The unique looking and versatile guitar has a five-way switch and the Reverend Bass Contour that takes the tone from New York to Nashville to LA.

Players are talking and Reverend’s listening. Be a player. With top materials, select upgrades, and fresh innova- tions, Reverend is for daring musicians and independent dealers. But mostly, Reverend is for players.

About Reverend Guitars

Reverend has grown from auspicious beginnings to become one of the fastest growing, most respected US guitar manufacturers today. Joe Naylor started building guitars and basses under the Reverend name in 1997, after graduating from luthiery school and having repaired guitars professionally since 1981. Joe’s also known for his pioneering amplifier design and passion for all things guitar.

Originally based in Detroit proper, a place known for its American engineering and building prowess, Reverend turned heads from the start, with a refreshing, yet ingenious approach to including the features guitar players wanted in designs that recalled the greats of yesteryear without looking or sounding like cheap, slavish imitations.

As Reverend grew in both sales and stature, Naylor brought additional muscle to the company’s employee roster, including boy wonder Zack Green, who has served as Naylor's chief setup guy since 1999, and Ken Haas, longtime punk rock guitarist, entrepreneur, and sales whiz. Ken was named head of sales in 2007 and became General Manager in 2010. Later, Penny Haas came onboard as event coordinator (she also helps with sales and marketing), and more was added along the way to help keep quality standards up and prices down.

Over the years Reverend has attracted musicians of all levels. Some of the company’s earliest players included local-boy-makes-good Kid Rock, virtuosos Carl Verheyen and Rick Vito, Critters Buggin's Brad Hauser and Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. These artists were soon followed by Reeves Gabrels, Ron Asheton of The Stooges (RIP), Gil Parris, Meshell N'degeocello and many, many more. Of course, this short list doesn't include everybody – from the well known to the just-now-making-a-name-for-themselves, Reverend has always attracted guitarists and bassists of all stripes because of its attention to what makes an instrument the kind players want to play. That, by the way, is where Reverend's attention will always lie.

• Joe Naylor, master luthier and company founder, designs all of the guitars. He selects all the components and materials to make each one the best sounding guitar in its category.

• Korina is the wood of choice at Reverend. The legendary wood is highly resonant and very consistant. It is abundant and intelligently farmed. We are proud to use Korina.

• Our guitar tech, Zack Green, sets up each guitar and bass before it is sent to one of our worldwide dealers.

• Reverend’s proprietary pickups are each specific to their position. The bridge pickups sound slightly hotter, while the neck/middle pickups sing cleanly, giving a truly balanced tone.

• All Reverends feature a medium “C” neck profile with slightly rolled edges for a vintage feel. We designed the necks with a dual truss rod system to ensure correct adjustment. Each one has a low-friction graphite nut and high-gear ratio pin-lock tuners for more tuning stability. Our bolt-on guitars have a low-friction string tree.

• Every Reverend guitar features our proprietary Bass Contour control, a passive control allowing the player to roll off the bass to create their own tone. The volume control features a full range of sound at every level, with no treble loss when rolled back. The custom Tone control only trims the highest frequencies to minimize the loss of volume.

• Every Reverend bass has a 5-piece neck and a string-thru bridge with top-load option. Each one also has a pan control to further adjust the low-end tone by balancing the volume of the bridge and neck pickups.

• Our instruments are proudly crafted by Mirr Music Co. Ltd, Korea. They are designed and set-up by Reverend Guitars USA.
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