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Carvin Introduces the XD360 3X6 Speaker Management System

United States
Crossover, Delay, EQ for Multi-Way Loudspeaker Systems Stores Up To 16 Systems

San Diego, CA – NOV 2011 Carvin, the name musicians everywhere trust for high quality USA-made guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, is excited to announce our newest professional quality pro audio tool, the XD360 X-Drive™ Digital Audio Loudspeaker & System Processor.

The single rack space XD360 is the next generation of professional-quality pro audio tools for studio and live sound reinforcement. The XD360 offers incredible flexibility with sonic excellence that elevates the performance of any system by utilizing every power amp watt, adjusting tone for the best sound, adding delays to match drivers or distance, and eliminating audio peaks. It utilizes a Texas Instruments™ Digital Signal Processor along with super low noise 24-bit converters and intuitive controls for the ultimate in sound reproduction. It is simple to operate and stores 16 complete systems with all the user’s sound system’s crossover, EQ and limiter settings. The XD360’s 3 inputs each feature 6 parametric EQs and delay up to 120ms, and each of the 6 outputs feature high and low pass Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters from 6 to 48 dB/octave. The 6 outputs also have 4 parametric EQs, limiter, phase and delay, and Matrix Routing – any input to any output - for balanced mixer/line transmission and audio signal distribution. It’s designed for a single FOH (front of house) system or multi-zone application.

The Carvin X-Drive PC Network™ software for Microsoft Windows™ PCs and Mac OS along with the XD360’s USB connectivity allow for simple setup and storage of system parameters with your laptop and allows remote control of the device, which makes on-the-fly adjustments of installations and live sound fast and easy.

Other key features include a back-lit 192 X 32 graphic display; Quick Setup control; ground lift switch; input & output gain controls; and password protection. Carvin TRx loudspeaker crossover points are preloaded; others can be added by the user.

The XD360 is made in the USA by Carvin. Read more at www.carvin.com/xd360

About Carvin
Since its launch in 1946, Carvin has specialized in building and selling high quality musical instrument products direct to the consumer. The company’s innovative factory-direct approach has grown from a catalog mail order service into a large-scale manufacturing / retail business with a strong Internet presence. Today, Carvin customers can instantly purchase everything from customized, handcrafted instruments to tour-ready professional audio systems. With more than 60 years of achievement, Carvin continues to grow its relationship with musicians worldwide by offering an extensive range of guitars, basses, instrument amps, recording, and P.A. products.
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