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Randall Amplifiers Releases New Solid State Metal Amp

United States
Chicago, IL, February, 2012 - Randall Amplifiers returns to its roots and real metal tone with the new, all solid state RG1503H 150 watt head and RG1503-212 Combo.

Randall’s history is rooted in being the most prominent high gain amplifier in the world of Solid State. The original RG series amps are what Don Randall launched the brand with to great success back in the early seventies. The unique (but now often mimicked and copied) FET solid-state transistor design is what so many great players have defined the rock and metal landscape with over the years. The moment you plug in, every player will immediately recognize that this amp is all about the classic Randall FET solid state high gain signature sound that helped launch so many careers.

The RG1503H features 3 channels - Clean, Gain 1, & Gain 2. A 3 band EQ section is augmented by Presence, Mid Scoop and Bass Boost controls. An included spring reverb with front panel control and a rear panel FX loop offer additional flexibility while a headphone out, XLR line out with ground lift and stereo media player in are included for rehearsal versatility. The amp is rated at 150 watts @ 4 Ohms and includes a 4 button footswitch for channel select and reverb. The RG1503H will retail for $599.90.

The RG1503-212 is a combo version and features a closed back cabinet housing 2 12" custom voiced Randall speakers.
Randall Amplifiers is owned by US Music Corp, located in Buffalo Grove, IL.  US Music Corp is an international musical instrument company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide under the Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Electronics, Oscar Schmidt, Hagstrom, Jay Turser, Jay J, Phonic, Quik Lok, and Profile brand names.  US Music is a subsidiary of Jam Industries, Ltd.
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