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Randall Amplifiers Introduces Kirk Hammett Signature Series Line of Products

United States
Chicago, IL. — January 17, 2008 — Randall Amplifiers, paving the way for rockers worldwide, announced today the launch of the Kirk Hammett Signatures Series. The new line includes amps, cabinets, modules and combos that all reflect the tones and voices that Metallica’s legendary guitarist has spent a career perfecting. Musicians of all skill levels can now harness Kirk’s groundbreaking sound with Randall Amplifiers’ vast variety of signature products.

The Kirk Hammett Signature Series will include gear ranging from MTS modules, all-tube heads, power tubes and even a limited edition half-stack, fully decked out with solid maple cabinetry and chrome hardware, all to enable musicians everywhere to attain his flawless sound. Kirk worked tirelessly with Randall to ensure that every aspect of the amps, from the clean and crunchy preamps to the stunning visual appeal, were fully up to the standards of one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

“This is the first time I’ve really done any kind of amp endorsement,” said Kirk Hammett of Metallica. “I knew that there’s a lot of work that goes into it, and I’m really picky anyway. But things have turned out great. I’m really proud of how these modules and amps have turned out.”

The feature-packed amps, cabinets, MTS modules and combos will enable guitar players of all levels to finally capture the distinctive sounds that Kirk has worked so diligently to perfect. From the half-stacks that can be used for recording and live shows to the 15-watt practice combos, every knob and button has been tweaked to perfection by Kirk and Randall’s dedicated staff.

“Working with Kirk Hammett was the ultimate joy for all of us here at Randall,” said David Karon, Artist Relations Manager at Randall Amplifiers. “We worked side by side together for over a year to perfectly capture every nuance of his tones. From experienced guitar players looking to record in the studio and play live gigs, to up and coming musicians perfecting their craft, we have a Kirk Hammett Signature Series line of gear to help you rock just like one of the most recognizable names in guitar-playing history.”

The full line of Kirk Hammett Signature Series products includes:

MTS Modules – featuring Kirk Hammett’s classic, rhythm and lead tones
All-tube heads
Custom-tweaked cabinets
Amps ranging from 15-watt practice combos to half-stacks
Limited edition half-stack featuring maple cabinetry and chrome hardware

The Kirk Hammett Signature Series line of products is available from major music retailers.

About Randall Amplifiers
Randall Amplifiers, paving the way for rockers worldwide, are played by today’s leading bands, including Metallica, Anthrax, Disturbed, Kiss and Mudvayne. Located near Chicago, Illinois, Randall Amplifiers is owned by U.S. Music Corp. the corporate parent for world-recognized brands including Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Eden Amplifiers, Sound Tech Professional Audio, Oscar Schmidt and Lyon Musical Instruments.
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