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Roland Announces Version 2 Update For RD-700NX and RD-300NX Digital Pianos

United States
Los Angeles, CA, August 31, 2012 — Roland is pleased to announce the Version 2 System Update for the popular RD-700NX and RD-300NX Digital Pianos. The user-installable update adds enhancements that bring even more power and versatility to these instruments, including new synth-oriented Live Sets with real-time control options and 100 additional user Live Sets, plus compatibility with the free RD-NX Editor app for the iPad® and Roland Wireless Connect.

Equipped with the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine and 88-key weighted-action Ivory Feel keyboards, the RD-700NX and RD-300NX have become go-to instruments for gigging piano players everywhere. In addition to premium acoustic and electric piano voices, they offer a wide range of versatile sounds for performing and composing, including organs, strings, woodwinds, drums, and more.

With their Live Set architecture, powerful Multi-FX, and many onboard synth sounds, the RD-700NX and RD-300NX have always been capable performers for synthesis. The new Version 2 update greatly enhances the synthesizer power in these instruments, making it easier to layer and edit tones and control sounds in real time on stage and in the studio.

Fifty preset Live Sets have been added, bringing the total to 350 on the RD-700NX and 250 on the RD-300NX. These new synth-oriented Live Sets feature rich, multi-layered sounds with effects, as well as real-time control options with the front-panel sliders and foot pedals.

The RD-NX Editor app for iPad makes it easy and fun for players to create their own Live Sets. A powerful and intuitive graphical interface unlocks a world of programming muscle, allowing users to create fat layered sounds with ease (up to four tone layers in the RD-700NX and three tone layers in the RD-300NX). One hundred additional user Live Sets have been added to each instrument as well, giving players more onboard locations to store their custom sounds.

Roland Wireless Connect compatibility added with the Version 2 update lets the RD-700NX/RD-300NX communicate wirelessly with the RD-NX Editor on the iPad using an optional WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter. Wired communication is also possible via Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Using Roland Wireless Connect and the WNA1100-RL with the mobile device requires a wireless LAN access point with an Internet connection.

The Version 2 update is available as a free download at www.RolandUS.com The RD-NX Editor for iPad is also free of charge, and can be downloaded at the App Store.

About Roland Corporation
Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, audio processors, and multimedia products. With 40 years of musical instrument development, Roland sets the standard in music technology for the world to follow.
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