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Going Green: The New Slim, Light, Compact Yamaha Piaggero NP Series Ultraportable Digital Pianos

United States
13th January 2011, ANAHEIM, Calif.— Yamaha today introduced the Piaggero NP Series ultraportable digital pianos at Winter NAMM 2011. Designed to appeal to piano purists seeking an extremely portable instrument, this new line offers high quality piano Voices and basic piano-centric features for practicing or performing piano anywhere.

Extremely lightweight, the Piaggero NP Series “goes green” with an energy-saving Energy Conservation Optimized (ECO) power-down feature. The power-saving mode automatically engages after 30 minutes of inactivity and can be over-ridden if the user so desires.

“We‘ve found that there are many electronic keyboard customers who aren't necessarily interested in an instrument that does everything,” says Dane Madsen, Yamaha Electronic Keyboard Marketing Manager. "Many players just want something that feels right and has a great piano sound. The new Piaggero NP-31 and NP-11 deliver these essentials in an ultraportable package that can go anywhere you can."

Added Madsen, “The extreme portability of the NP-11 and NP-31 make them great choices for the ”on-the-go" musician. Now, the keyboard player can have a nice piano touch, tone and portability on par with an acoustic guitar."

The new Piaggero NP Series offers classic Yamaha piano tone and 76 full-sized keys in an ultra-portable package weighing in at just 12 pounds (NP-31). Operating on just 6 AA batteries, users don‘t even need a power outlet to play their piano wherever their music takes them. Yamaha has added a new 61-key model (NP-11), as well as an easy-to-use panel design with dedicated Voice-select buttons. The Piaggero has a built-in metronome with adjustable tempo and time signature that will appeal to the pianist who knows that practice makes perfect. The NP-31's Graded Soft Touch Action emulates the graded resistance of an acoustic piano without the added weight of hammers. Additionally, the NP-31 and NP-11 make for a convenient note-entry MIDI controller with ultra-natural piano voices built-in for home studio use. According to Madsen, “No other controllers in this price range feel or sound as good as the Piaggero.”

In 2010, Yamaha launched the highly successful Piaggero Series of ultra-portable digital pianos, including the NP-V60 and NP-V80 models. Combining the words piano and leggero, Italian for “light,” these new 76-key digital pianos emphasize portability, interactive features and superior piano Voice quality.

Shipping in May 2011, the Piaggero NP-31 carries an MSRP of $399, while the Piaggero NP-11 has an MSRP of $249.
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