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Access Music Unveils Virus TI OS 4.5

United States
13th January 2011 — Access Music announced a new feature update to the award winning Virus TI series of synthesizers. OS4.5 focuses on new vintage effect emulations and additions to the modulation matrix:

- Vintage Chorus. The new chorus was modeled after one of the nicest and most famous choruses build in the late 70s. The flexible subset of parameters allows seamless “morphing” from one emulation to another without having to change the algorithm and therefore stop the sound. It‘s a great addition to the TI's sound engine making it really easy to emulate the famous chorus ensemble sound found in many productions back from 70s and 80s.

- Air Chorus. The air chorus is based on creating the Chorus effect in the air, right in between the speakers. In difference to many other chorus effects, it works more subtile and opens the stereo panorama up in an more natural and less intrusive way.

- Vibrato. Especially when you don‘t want to waste an LFO to create a vibrato effect, the new algorithm comes in handy.

- Rotary speaker emulation. Emulating a classic Leslie effect, the new rotary speaker emulation offers the usual controls such as a fast/slow setting in combination with creative controls such as microphone distance to add air and space to sounds as well as a crossover setting which allows you to limit the effect to a certain frequency range. You can animate the top end of a pad sound and leave the bottom end untouched.

- New sources have been added to the modulation matrix allowing to add further “analog” feeling to pretty much any parameter available within the over 100 modulation destinations. Access claims that this intelligent and pattern based unsteadiness enables the Virus TI to cover a wide range of those beloved analog side effects known from slightly damaged or simply poorly engineered vintage synths.

OS4.5 is compatible with the entire Virus Ti line including the first versions back from 2005
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