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Cerwin-Vega! Debuts CVi Passive Portable PA Speakers

United States
DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – January 18, 2011 – Cerwin Vega announces the release of the “CVi Passive Portable PA speaker Series”. Integrating 50 years of loudspeaker know-how with the latest advancements in technology, Cerwin-Vega raises the bar again with the extremely durable and professional grade CVi series. The new line of portable PA solutions deliver exactly what fans of Cerwin-Vega have come to expect, accurate and clear performance coupled with outstanding low frequency response.

Housed in a double braced wood cabinet with an 18 gauge steel grill, the line is designed for endurance and mobility. The series includes two subwoofers (CVi-118S / CVi-218S) with peak power capacities of 1200 and 2400 Watts respectively. These efficient Cerwin-Vega woofers deliver low frequency impact with tighter bass definition and less distortion. The CVi-218s features an innovative stacked driver contra-sub. This Inverse Synergy sub configuration allows the two drivers to work together in the same enclosure volume producing bass response that exceeds the output of the collective drivers. The result is cleaner, smoother low frequency reinforcement at higher SPL levels.

The CVi line also offers two full range speakers (CVi-152 / CVi-252), a 15” and dual 15”, with peak power capacities of 1000 and 2000 watts respectively. The fifth and final speaker of the line is a 2-way stage monitor with a peak power capacity of 1000 watts (CVi-122M).

The CVi series boasts high performance 34mm Mylar compression drivers and the use of hemi-conical horns allow for smooth and accurate high frequency response, both on and off axis. The advanced crossovers utilized in the design reproduce accurate cross-band summation, resulting in a far more natural sound field.

In terms of setup, flexibility is an important feature of the CVi series. With a high current capacity and dual Speakon and ¼ inch input/output options, the CVi series offers many connectivity paths including the ability to connect multiple units in serial. Mix and match from the five different models of this speaker series to achieve the ultimate PA solution.

Suggested U.S. Selling Price:

CVi-152 $349.00
CV1-252 $499.00
CVi-118S $399.00
CVi-122m $299.00
CVi-218S $699.00
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