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Eminence Speaker LLC Introduces Heavy-Duty, 2” Horn Flare: The H2EA

United States
January 2, 2011 — Eminence Speaker LLC proudly announces the first in a line of high quality, yet value priced, cast aluminum horns designed for the pro market, the H2EA.

The H2EA is a rugged, cast aluminum 2” throat horn, incorporating an exponential flare for optimized acoustic loading and energy transfer. Its compact size makes it ideal for sound reproduction in small, medium, and large-size venues. The aluminum material offers maximum rigidity in this heavy-duty design, eliminating the need for added cabinet bracing. Because of it’s FEA optimized exponential flare, users can expect a smooth and natural frequency response free from unwanted colorations and diffractional effects commonly exhibited in alternate designs.

“The H2EA is the result of finite element analyses coupled with real world listening tests involving skilled industry veterans of the highest caliber.” said Matthew Marcum, Design Engineer at Eminence. “Designed to maximize the performance of our PSD3006, the H2EA delivers more sound output with less power input due to the heat sinking properties of the chosen material. Measured to reduce the maximum external surface temperature of the driver by 25°F after power testing, the aluminum material results in lower power compression and distortion while increasing driver performance and longevity.”
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Eminence Speaker LLC Introduces a Long-Awaited Solution for Retailers. The Eminence Tone Center
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Eminence Speaker LLC Introduces a Long-Awaited Solution for Retailers. The Eminence Tone Center

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