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The Celestion Vintage 30: Celebrating 25 Years

United States
Throughout 2011, Celestion are celebrating the 25th birthday of the Vintage 30

Celestion, Ipswich UK, January 13, 2011 – It’s been 25 years since the creation of the world’s best-selling and most versatile premium guitar loudspeaker, the Vintage 30. Under the theme “Celebrating 25 Years”, the Vintage 30 will be sporting a new livery for the whole of 2011: commemorating the regard in which this speaker is held, by guitarists around the world.

Introduced in 1986, the Vintage 30 was built to satisfy the needs of a new breed of guitarist, playing harder edged rock and metal music through increasingly “hot-rodded” amps. These players loved the vintage characteristics of speakers like the Celestion Blue, but also demanded much higher power handling and a more aggressive tonal attitude.

To create this new speaker for a new era, Celestion’s engineers went right back to fundamentals to build a guitar speaker that was able to satisfy these diverse and specific requirements. The end result was a speaker that truly achieved the tonal balance between vintage and modern: the Vintage 30 was born!

Tonally, the Vintage 30 is probably Celestion’s most revealing speaker. It features enormously detailed and complex overtones, with a warm low-end, famously rich “vocal” mid-range and a beautifully detailed top end.

Used alone or as one of a pair, the Vintage 30 can reveal the hidden complexities in handwired boutique amps. In a 4x12 it delivers an intricate, “three-dimensional” vintage crunch. Over the last 25 years the Vintage 30 sound has been captured on countless thousands of recordings from a huge range of players in a diverse range of styles. Want to know what a Vintage 30 sounds like? Just turn on the radio!

With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass loudspeakers, and high-quality professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over.
Speaker By Celestion, Tone Approved By George Lynch
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