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EKO FastLOK System For Acoustic Guitar Necks

United States
7th January 2011 — Changing the setup of a guitar and adjusting the action without removing the strings has always represented a dream for guitar players and technicians all over the world.

50 years ago, EKO decided to apply the Bolt‐on technology within its acoustic guitars; that is, body and neck held together by 4 fixing screws, an approach which later influenced several major guitar manufacturers worldwide. Today EKO presents a new revolutionary FastLOK System (Patent Pending) specifically for guitar setup adjustment, which will surely influence the music market within the next 50 years.

The FastLok System enables string height adjustment with respect to the fingerboard (Action) in a simple, effective, and quick manner without removing the strings, and without the need of a luthier. The FastLOK System may change the inclination of the angle between neck and body and thus cause a variation on the distance between the strings and fingerboard. This optimizes the relationship between movement of the strings and fingerboard, and enables to reach the action desired by the guitar player. Furthermore, another unique aspect of the FastLOK System is that the guitar’s neck can easily and quickly be changed.

First, unlock the device which assembles neck and body through clockwise rotations (a) of the locking screw. The second step allows neck inclination adjustments through the set up screw. A clockwise rotation (b) will allow the neck to move nearer to the strings; on the other hand, an anticlockwise rotation (c) will make the distance from neck to strings greater. When this is done, the locking screw must be rotated clockwise (d), locking the neck again, and the procedure has come to the end.
EKO FastLOK Guitar Tremolo
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