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EKO FastLOK Guitar Tremolo

United States
7th January 2011 — The lever design offers a comfortable use; bad function or blocking of the vibrato is absolutely excluded due to the selected components, like the self lubricating nylon bearings which are much better than other systems in use, like the ball bearings or roller bearings. EKO FastLOK Tremolo offers innovative performances and renders this vibrato substantially different from all the other vibratos on the market and very close to perfection.

If the player decides to switch type of strings with different gauge or tension, the EKO FastLOK Tremolo offers what no other vibrato can do, an ideal set up easy to achieve within minutes, or even seconds. No matter how well a vibrato is designed, maintaining the perfect tune is almost impossible. But EKO’s R&D Department has solved the problem. The rather simple solution adopted allows to set one point of return of the vibrato, once the lever is released, allowing the instrument to remain in tune.

On top of everything, should one string break, go out of tune ‐ by accident or intentionally ‐ all the other strings will remain in tune and allow to complete the performance. Through a screw located on the end of the lever, once the instrument has been set for the first time, the EKO FastLOK Tremolo will know where to stop. This new vibrato can easily fit any kind of guitar, without the need of complicated modification to the guitar.
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