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Overtōn Debuts Guitar & Bass Amplifier Product Line

United States
Chicago, Il — Overtōn is proud to announce the debut of their product line at NAMM 2011. They will be offering a full line of guitar and bass amplifiers that combine truly innovative functional design and aesthetics with superior sonics and undeniably compelling price points. With the ability to manufacture amplifiers as well as speakers in house, Overtōn can bring to market products that do not compromise their design goals.

Overtōn’s engineering team has put together a line-up of dynamic offerings for the guitar including the boutique inspired Apprentice series of all-tube amplifiers. The Apprentice series is notable for it’s classic tone and rugged construction paired with key modern features such as a transformer coupled, balanced recording output, 1W Studio output and headphone jack. Both of the foot-switchable preamp channels share an EQ section that has the unique ability to toggle between two classic tone circuits. East-coast Hi-Fi, and Classic Cali style EQ’s can be summoned at the touch of a button. The Apprentice 7 and 15 will be available as heads to pair with their Celestion G12H Anniversary equipped cabinets. In addition look for the stunning Apprentice 7 and 15 combos, the former equipped with Overtōn’s own Origin 50 speaker the latter with the Celestion G12H Anniversary. A 30W version will be made available soon as well in both head and combo forms. Four Apprentice variations will be on display at NAMM 2011.

In addition the engineering lab is already buzzing with the second wave of products, look for a sneak peak at the 4 channel Fountainhead, an all-tube goliath, at the Overtōn NAMM booth. Overtōn’s engineers are focused on making top tier amplifiers at every level. The Menace series is their foray into the much loved practice amplifier market. They designed the Menace to be rugged and reliable while being aesthetically and sonically superior to comparable amps on the market. Featuring true active equalization, the Menace line is composed of 15W, 30W and 50W versions, fitted with the best speakers in their class. The 15 is equipped with true spring reverb while the 30 and 50 bring footswitchable channels and 16 digital FX in addition to digital reverb and delay to the table. The Menace series of amps are driven to inspire.

Because they are players as well as engineers equal attention has been given to Overtōn’s exciting bass amplifier arsenal. The revolutionary Featherweight series brings unmatched power and functionality into a red anodized, single rackspace head. The Featherweight combines a studio quality compressor, semi parametric equalizer and versatile rear panel in a feather-light Class D powered package. For those seeking an all-in-one gig solution, the Featherweight will be offered in a classic 2x10” configuration as well as a dynamic and articulate 4x8” combo. If more power is what you seek then the two rackspace Featherweight 1500 can deliver with the same versatile front end, this time paired with 1500W of thundering power. A new paradigm in lightweight compact amplifiers will be established with the debut of these class leading amps.

A ground breaking bass cabinet line had to be developed to do the Featherweight series justice and Overtōn will proudly introduce the OB series at NAMM 2011. Built to withstand the punishment of the road, Overtōn’s Touready cabinets are truly a remarkable value. Three cabinets will be offered initially in both 4Ω and 8Ω versions, a 1200W 4x10” and 600W 2x10” equipped with a proprietary crossover and compression tweeter with variable level and a full range 800W 4x8”. All OB series cabinets are equipped with Overtōn’s custom voiced Undertōn drivers while hours of acoustic design have gone into their construction and porting. The OB series is primed and ready to become a backline mainstay for years to come.

To cover everything from practice sessions to intimate gigs Overtōn will also be debuting the Tremor series of compact bass combos. The Tremor amps are available in 3 guises beginning with the practice sized Tremor 8. For the player who needs a gig-ready amp the Tremor 10 and Tremor 15 pair an intuitive front end with 100W and 300W of power respectively, generating bold and punchy output from a convenient form factor. Custom proprietary drivers are equipped in all Tremor bass amps. A balanced recording out is supplied on the 15, while a 2 button footswitch is included with the 15 and 10. Auto-compression, headphone outputs and aux inputs are present across the line. The Tremor series truly bridges the gap between entry level and professional grade.

About Overtōn

Overtōn’s goal is to provide players with innovative, exciting and affordable alternatives to the existing amplifier market. With US based engineers and their cutting edge factory in China, Overtōn is able to fully realize their design vision.
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