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Vox Introduces Night Train 50 All-Tube Guitar Amplifier Head And V212NT Speaker Cabinet

United States
Night Train line expanded with a new all-tube 50W head and matching speaker cabinet

WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 13, 2011 — VOX Amplification introduces its new Night Train 50 Tube Amplifier and V212NT Speaker Cabinet. The powerful, all-tube Night Train 50 offers two channels for a diverse range of sounds. The V212NT extension cabinet is the perfect complement to the Night Train 50 both aesthetically and sonically.

The VOX Night Train Series projects a powerful personality with its mirror-finish metallic exterior and all-tube sound. The Night Train 50 adds even more punch with EL34 tubes in the power stage, to produce a tight and powerful sound. The amp offers a rich array of sonic variations that makes it a versatile choice for guitarists.

The Night Train 50 features an EL34 based, Class AB amplifier design delivering 50 Watts of power through 2 channels. The preamp stage is equipped with four 12AX7 vacuum tubes.

The Night Train 50 is a two-channel design. The BRIGHT channel borrows its design from the Night Train NT15H, while the GIRTH channel utilizes an extra pre-amp tube for added crunch. Each channel offers Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain controls. The BRIGHT channel provides a foot-switchable THICK mode that bypasses the EQ to boost the gain. The Master section includes the traditional Master Volume and the VOX Tone Cut control, plus a new TIGHT switch, for use with either channel. The TIGHT mode attenuates the low-frequency range, adding more focus to the low end, providing even more sonic possibilities.

An optional VOX VFS2A footswitch is available, allowing users to switch between channels It can also be used to turn the BRIGHT channel’s THICK mode on and off during performance, vastly increasing the versatility of this single amp by offering three distinct voices. The Night Train 50 provides a (-10dB) FX loop that can be bypassed.

The V212NT birch-ply speaker cabinet is specifically designed to match the Night Train 50 head. The two Celestion 12-inch G12’s are a natural choice for delivering the NT50’s distinct tones. The cabinet’s retro look and rounded corner design make it the perfect companion for the Night Train 50, exuding a powerful presence on stage.

VOX’s Night Train 50 Tube Amplifier and V212NT Speaker Cabinet will be available March 2011 with pricing as follows:
NT50H Night Train 50 Tube Amplifier $1,000.00
V212NT Speaker Cabinet $700.00
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