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Kurzweil PC3LE OS V2.0: A Whole New Instrument

United States
January 4, 2010, Waltham MA - Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to announce the release V2.0 software for the PC3LE line. Far from being a minor update or patch, this new OS represents a major system overhaul that introduces a number of exciting new features to the LE.

First and foremost, OS 2.0 gives users access to the entire VAST synthesis engine, with near the same level of programmability found in the PC3. ROM keymaps and samples can also be edited and saved.

Demonstrating our commitment to non-obsolescence by design, OS 2.0 provides support for loading K Series programs (but not samples). Intelligent software in the LE works to match ROM samples in the LE that best correspond to K Series ROM samples.

“While not 100% perfect, this type of backwards compatibility is simply unheard of anywhere else in the industry”, says Mike Papa, National Sales Manager for American Music and Sound. "We‘re also very excited about allowing customers to have access to the powerful synthesizer that's under the PC3LE's hood. Customers asked for it, and in a matter of months, we responded. That's the difference with the Kurzweil brand."

Our customers are now finding out just how much more value you get with Kurzweil. It‘s worth noting that many of the new features in V2.0 are the direct result of feedback from customers. We firmly believe that the initial purchase of a keyboard should only be the beginning of an interactive, evolving relationship between our customers and our company. PC3LE OS V 2.0 is just one more sign of how important that relationship is to us.
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