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TSI Distributing Brings The Noise to NAMM

United States
MI distribution arm of Tour Supply is the sole source for 3RD Power Amps, Palmer electronics, and G-Lab guitar effects.

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2010) TSI Distributing, Inc. is pleased to announce its first exhibit at Winter NAMM 2010. On display will be the unique HLH100 guitar rig from 3RD Power Amplification, which features a patent-applied for 100W tube amp and unique triangular HLH 312 speaker cabinets. Along with 3RD Power, TSI will also show its other M.I. and pro audio lines, including imported electronics by Palmer and G-Lab.

The TSI Distributing booth will be manned by founders Lance Wascom, Larry Martin and Jamie Scott, and will offer the chance to demo the 3RD Power amp system. The pair formed Third Power Amplification in June 2009 to bring Scott’s guitar amp concept to market. This is the first winter NAMM for both TSI Distributing and the 3RD Power Amplification.

The 3RD Power HLH100 amplification system has great stage presence with its unique triangular cabinets. Their shape is designed to eliminate the parallel walls and resulting standing waves inherent in conventional rectangular cabinets. Each HLH312 cabinet contains a trio of 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The heart of the system is the HD100 tube amplifier, a 100-watt design with patent-applied-for circuitry reflected in its Smooth/Bold voicing switch and rich distortion quality. The amp is manufactured in Nashville and features point-to-point hand wiring.

The HLH 100 has certainly created an immediate buzz in pro touring circles, with systems purchased by Simon Townshend (Roger Daltrey Use It or Lose It tour) and Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band) for their recent fall tours. Both use a trio of HLH312 cabinets to create a wet/dry/wet, fader-up tone across a wide, smooth soundstage.

“After 20 years of tweaking my rig to get the ‘fader-up’ tone I want at any volume setting, it’s pretty amazing to see the HLH100 as a real product,” says inventor Jamie Scott. “And to see it on tour with artists like Simon Townshend and Steve Miller is a dream come true.” Scott is the original lead guitarist in the 80s hard rock band Vain, which recently reunited for a 10-day tour of the U.K.

The 3RD Power HLH100 amp system, along with electronics and guitar effects by Palmer and G-Lab, are distributed exclusively by TSI Distributing in the U.S. Rep and Dealer inquiries are welcome.
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