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TC-Helicon announces VoiceTone Correct XT

United States
18th Nov 2010 — Ultimate vocal production pedal now updated with a raft of new features including intelligent Anti-Feedback. With TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone Correct XT, professional sounding vocals are now within the reach of any vocalist. Updated from its winning predecessor, Correct XT makes it quicker and easier for any vocalist to get that polished, produced sound.

Correct XT contains all of the tools needed to deliver a professional vocal sound in one easy-to-control, hands-on pedal. The Adaptive Dynamics control combines with de-essing and Adaptive Shape EQ to ensure bright and smooth vocal performances and unparalleled tone every time, no matter what the vocal style.

Correct XT has the heritage of TC-Helicon’s superb Adaptive Tone technology, meaning that EQ and Dynamics automatically adapt to suit a wide range of vocal material. Correct XT also contains a host of improvements to make this a one-stop vocal processing shop for anyone who needs smooth, pro vocal tone with the added security of active anti-feedback. No calibration is required – users simply set and forget for fulltime feedback protection.

Correct XT also contains auto-chromatic pitch correction that works regardless of what key or scale you’re singing in. No menus, no fuss – simply switch in the pitch correction and you’re good to go.

With Correct XT, jaw-dropping vocal performances are as easy as plugging in your mic – it’s like having a live sound engineer and a vocal coach at every gig!

Shipping: December 2010

Price: US$345, €235

Adaptive Tone

TC-Helicon’s Adaptive Tone technology intelligently adjusts Shape EQ and Dynamics (compression & de-essing) to provide the perfect vocal tone balance. Best of all it’s easy – just set and forget. There’s also an adaptive gate that can be added to clean up noise as well as to help suppress feedback.

Active Anti-Feedback

Feedback is a reality for the contemporary vocalist. Unlike other anti-feedback technology, VoiceTone Correct XT doesn’t require any pre-calibration in a quiet room before the gig – who has time for that anyways? Once again, it’s set and forget – protecting everyone’s ears.

Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction

The auto-chromatic pitch correction helps you sing more in tune, much like a metronome helps for playing in time. It’s like singing along with a singer who has perfect pitch: you know when you’re out of tune and you naturally correct yourself.


• Adaptive gate gently reduces background noise when no input signal detected
• Balanced XLR input/output
• USB connection to free VoiceSupport application that offers tips, tricks and updates
• Multiband anti-feedback stays on alert for feedback and clamps it automatically and quickly
• Individual controls allow quick and precise adjustment
• Auto-chromatic pitch correction requires no key or scale
• Advanced controls alter Shape EQ and dynamic response to best suit singing style if desired
• Pitch correction on/off footswitch independent of tone shaping
• Studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
• Instrument input can be used as a convenient balanced XLR, DI output
• Connects easily with other VoiceTone pedals to define personal effect chain
• Correction on and off can be done from the optional MP-75 microphone
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