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Medeski Martin & Wood Announce Camp MMW 2011

United States
Camp MMW to be Held at Full Moon Resort in Catskills July 31 - August 5, 2011

11th Nov 2010 — (New York, NY) — This summer, pack up your instrument, open your mind, and enter the boundary-breaking world of Medeski Martin & Wood.

Camp MMW is an incredible opportunity for musicians of varying levels and ages, to live and study with MMW in the Catskill Mountains. Campers will gather together for five days of intensive workshops and seminars, deep listening, musical exploration, and improvisation.

The fourth annual Camp MMW will take place July 31 - August 5, 2011 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. All types of musicians, ages 16 & older, are encouraged to apply.

The first three Camp MMW‘s have been great successes. Last year, John Medeski discussed escaping the trappings of the intellect and entering into the language of sound. He explored concepts and exercises to help musicians create a personal style. Billy Martin presented the idea of rhythmic harmony and introduced concepts in counterpoint and how the combination of subtle complexities and personality can bring rhythm to life. Chris Wood‘s lecture on “Being Spontaneous on Purpose (and why it's impossible)” expounded on the paradox of “preparing” to improvise. Special guests have included John Scofield, Steven Bernstein, Marc Ribot, David Tronzo, Cyro Baptista, and David Fiuczynski.

At Camp MMW, students are encouraged to break with convention and bust out of their safety zones. A guitarist can study melody with keyboardist, John Medeski or a horn player can work on mastering rhythm with drummer, Billy Martin. A pianist may develop his groove with bassist, Chris Wood. There will be special guests, group collaborations, and, of course, exclusive performances by MMW. In the anything-goes, non-traditional atmosphere of Camp MMW, experimentation will be encouraged, limits tested, risks taken, and newfound freedom gained in the process.

80,000 acres of New York State‘s Catskill Mountain wilderness is the backdrop to the collective creative energy of Camp MMW. The lovely Full Moon Resort features charming accommodations in either their turn-of-the-century Catskill country inn known as the Valley View House, or one of seven lodges, cabins, or cottages. The Valley View House is the center of activities at Camp MMW and offers comfortable common areas. Full Moon Resort also has open campgrounds and a bathroom/shower facility for those students opting to camp outside.

A typical day at Camp MMW begins with a buffet breakfast with the band, from 8AM to 9AM, followed by a Master Class/Seminar with MMW at 9:30AM. At Noon, camp breaks for a buffet lunch, followed by free time until 2:45 when students divide into workshop groups with individual band members and special guests. At 6:00 everyone gathers for a seated dinner, followed by the evening‘s event, which includes performances, jam sessions, films, discussion, bonfires, and the occasional dance party.

All instruments are welcome, with an interest in creating variety! Applications and detailed instructions are available on-line at:


CAMP 2010 Testimonials

“Spending as much time as I did with John, Chris, and Billy I got to absorb their unique approach to making music on all levels.”

“I left camp with an enormous amount of inspiration and material which I have been employing in my playing and my life.”

“Camp MMW helped me reconnect with music.”

“Camp MMW was a life-changing musical experience that I did not fully realize until I started playing gigs afterwards. My style is organically relaxed and I‘m more willing to take risks and play ”out of the box“”

“Attending a master class was, at times, like taking a microscope and peering into the brains of three your favorite musicians. They each discussed their own approach to playing music and opened my mind for the better.”

“You will eat, sleep and breath music with some great Musicians!”

“Not only did working with John, Chris and Billy re-ignite my passion for music, it changed my entire perception of music.”

“No matter what level you are as a musician, Chris Wood, Billy Martin and John Medeski have concepts and ways of looking at music that will expand your way of thinking and playing.”

“Unique new approaches to rhythmic concepts, ensemble playing, composition and a general sense of inspiration. And, if that‘s not enough, I got to see a world-class band with special guests playing every night in an intimate setting.”

“I had never tried ‘free improvisation‘ before. I had never challenged myself or opened myself up to the ideas and ways that they showed me to create.”
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