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Vaulternative Records To Release Frank Zappa’s Double CD Concert Set ‘Philly ‘76’ On Zappa’s Birthday, Dec. 21

United States
December 18, 2009 — On December 21, which would have been Frank Zappa’s 69th birthday, Vaulternative Records will release ‘Philly ‘76,’ a double CD concert recording. The new release continues the Zappa Family Trust’s mission to celebrate and protect the legacy of Frank Zappa.

Recorded October 29, 1976, at the Philadelphia Spectrum, the thrilling ‘Philly ‘76’ is the only 16-track recording from this lineup, which features Zappa (guitar/vocals), Bianca Odin (keyboards/vocals), Ray White (guitar/vocals/cowbell), Eddie Jobson (keyboards/violin), Patrick O’Hearn (bass/vocals), and Terry Bozzio (drums/vocals).

The album includes liner notes from Gail Zappa and a first person account from band member Bianca Odin (who now goes by Lady Bianca) about her “apprenticeship with a genius.” She writes, “So many beautiful one-time-thing performances - I scarcely had time to actually think or look back on them. I am glad that he taped our shows.”

In commemoration of the bicentennial year in which the ‘Philly ‘76’ concert was recorded, and the city where this country’s founding document was signed, the album liner notes also include a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence - with a twist. Many of the claims against the King of Great Britain made in the original document are highlighted here, showing how history is indeed apt to repeat itself.
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