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Ibanez Adds Two New Basses To The SRT Line

United States
Exotic woods key to strength, durability and sound

June 25th, 2010 - (Bensalem, PA) — Ibanez has announced the addition of two new bass guitars to the SRT Line.

The new Ibanez SRT900DX and SRT905DX models are designed for a heavier sound, and feature new up-grades to the necks, which are reworked with South American Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry, and West African Bubinga woods.

Jatoba, a very strong, high-density wood, sometimes used for flooring, provides enhanced stability. Bubinga is a highly desirable wavy-figured exotic wood, sought by guitar makers for its durability and rich luster.

The bodies of the new SRT models have also been refreshed with Ovangkol, a high-density African hardwood that produces a rich, deep, full bodied sound, and gives these two new basses an exotic wood grain look.

Neck thru-body construction, a standard for this line, provides longer sustain and easy access to the higher frets, something common to all Ibanez SR basses.

US made high-output, low-noise active EMG® 40DC pickups are also holdovers from the original SRTs and give these models their desirable growling tone.
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