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This October, It’s A Felabration!!! Nationwide October Parties To Celebrate Fela’s October 15th Birthday

United States
Tunde Adebimpe Of TV On The Radio Speaks On Fela’s Influence

Fela Zombie Batch Available Now

8 October 2010 — It’s Fela Kuti’s birthday on October 15th, and parties celebrating the Nigerian revolutionary and master of Afrobeat are popping up across the country. With at least 12 Felabrations in the US alone (and more across Europe and Africa), it’s clear that the Fela Kuti revival is here to stay. Check the dates listed below to see where you can Felabrate and for full details, visit www.fela.net/files/felabration

10.13.10 - The Shrine - Chicago, IL
10.13.10 - Recess at Somar Bar & Lounge - Oakland, CA
10.14.10 - (Le) Poisson Rouge - New York, NY
10.14.10 - Yoruba Dance Sessions - Oakland, CA
10.14.10 - Afro Funke @ Zanzibar - Los Angeles, CA
10.16.10 - 595 North Event Venue - Atlanta, GA
10.21.10 - Shrine World Music Venue - New York, NY
10.23.10 - Worldbeat Cultural Center - San Diego, CA
10.23.10 - Malverde - Austin, TX
10.25.10 - The Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
10.28.10 - Bossa Lounge - Washington, D.C.
10.28.10 - MilkyWay at the Brewery - Boston, MA

Many of you may already know of Tunde Adebimpe, lead singer of TV on the Radio. What you may not know is that Tunde is a huge fan of Fela Kuti and that Fela’s music has had quite an impact on TV on the Radio’s music. Check out the video below to hear it in Tunde’s words.

Don’t Forget About The Zombie Batch, Available Now

On September 14, Knitting Factory Records released the third set of Fela reissues. This portion of the reissues series, entitled “Zombie” in celebration of Fela’s most well known song, spans the years 1976-1980. Containing 11 albums, this period of Fela’s storied career saw his Kalakuta Republic increasingly under siege from the Nigerian government, and the clear rise of his vitriol as it fermented into scathing musical diatribes. Tracks such as “Authority Stealing” and the international hit “Zombie” are great examples of Fela’s unfiltered outpouring of raw anger towards the oppressive Nigerian government.

The titles that are being released are:

• Zombie (1976)
• Upside Down (1976) / Music of Many Colours (1980)
• Stalemate (1977) / Fear Not For Man (1977)
• Opposite People (1977) / Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977)
• Shuffering & Shmiling (1978) / No Agreement (1977)
• V.I.P. (1979) / Authority Stealing (1980)

“What’s fascinating about Fela’s music at this point is the dichotomy between the music and the message,” says Brian Long of Knitting Factory Records. “Out of context, these songs are incredibly upbeat and full of the hottest African funk, while in the context of Fela’s life, when you read the lyrics and know the story, they are full of frustration and a fiery anger that was meant to lift the people into protest.”

The next group of reissues will be released in the winter.
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