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Top Film and TV Composers Choose the Muse Research RECEPTOR

United States
Menlo Park, CA (February 26, 2009) – Many top-notch film and TV composers have discovered the advantages of adding a Muse Research RECEPTOR to their studios. The RECEPTOR hardware plug-in player keeps virtual instruments and effects loaded and at your fingertips, ready to play instantaneously. RECEPTOR works in concert with existing computer systems thanks to the company’s unique UniWire technology that lets you run power-hungry virtual instruments remotely on RECEPTOR without bogging down your DAW. Plus, you can find and audition sounds in a snap in any of your loaded libraries, then load sounds instantly. Finally, RECEPTOR remains a compact, portable, and reliable instrument that is easily transported to other studios, scoring stages; anywhere the immense power of RECEPTOR is needed.

David Newman, who has scored top films like Anastasia, Daddy Day Care, Throw Momma From the Train and many more, has found the RECEPTOR indispensable:

“Our RECEPTOR combines the reliability of hardware synths with the open ended capabilities of a computer. It doesn’t crash and it does what it’s supposed to, all without the limits of hardware synths. For us, it’s a box of sounds that has tons and tons of samples on it that we can turn on and forget about. The best thing is we no longer break our DAW during a project by overloading it or running out of CPU or DSP.”

Award-winning composer Mark Mancina, whose work can be seen on films like August Rush, Speed, TV’s “Criminal Minds,” and many more, concurs:

“With each passing year my workstation seems to get smaller and faster. With the many advances in music technology and the seemingly infinite choice in platforms, my Muse Research RECEPTOR will continue to be a staple in my composing setup.”

Veigar Margeirsson’s scores can be heard on a wide variety of films and top movie trailers, including those for Hidalgo, Batman Begins, and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. He has this to add:

“The RECEPTOR has proven to be an invaluable addition to my studio, serving as a more versatile replacement for my Giga systems. Its ease of use and the UniWire features are absolutely priceless, providing much better integration than any other solution out there. Add to that RECEPTOR’s compactness that allows me to take it with me everywhere I go. No need to travel with bulky, heavy gear anymore when I take my annual summer trip to the Icelandic midnight sun! Just a laptop and a RECEPTOR and I have the capabilities of a much larger system!”

RECEPTOR can work hand-in-hand with DAWs like Digital Performer, Logic, and Pro Tools, and it’s the best-sounding, fastest, and most stable platform to run virtual instrument and effects software from top developers like Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, East West, Spectrasonics, Garritan, and many, many more. Connect RECEPTOR to your system like a sampler or synth using MIDI and audio, or integrate it with your DAW using UniWire over a single Ethernet cable and add all the power RECEPTOR has to offer. Better yet, RECEPTOR is completely modular and expandable, which means adding more power to your DAW is as simple as connecting another Ethernet cable!

RECEPTOR is the ideal production partner and provides the working professional with best-in-class hardware designed for optimal performance. Its custom-designed, super-efficient software drastically improves your workflow and maximizes the amount of time you can spend making music. RECEPTOR is the smarter, faster, better way to make music using virtual instruments and effects.
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