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Buddy Blaze Generates New Guitar Model

United States
Sugarland Lead Guitarist and Band Director, Scott Patton teams up with Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed Instruments to unveil his new signature model guitar, the Generator™.

Kailua Kona, HI May 27, 2010 – Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed Instruments has teamed up with Scott Patton to unveil its new signature model, the Generator™. The guitar will be unveiled to a national audience tomorrow morning on ABC’s Good Morning America as part of their Summer Concert Series. The new Buddy Blaze Generator™ features a custom graphic designed by renowned graphic designer, Stephen Jensen. The Steam Punk Generator artwork was created to specifically compliment Sugarland’s “The Incredible Machine” tour. The guitar will be part of the handmade ALII Series with plans for a second model to be added to their value priced production line in the near future.


• Custom Graphic Designed by Renowned Artist Stephen Jensen
• Alder Body
• Mahogany Set Neck with Ebony Fingerboard
• Custom Inlay
• 24 5/8” Scale Length
• 24 Fret Two Octave Neck
• Jumbo Frets
• Dual Action / Stainless Steel Truss Rod
• Deluxe Buddy Blaze Hard Shell Case Included
• Handmade, Signed And Dated By Buddy Blaze in Kailua Kona, Hawai’i USA

Scott Patton is the Band Director and Lead Guitarist for the dynamic super duo, Sugarland. The band is currently out on the road preparing for their new release scheduled in October, entitled The Incredible Machine.

To learn more about the new line and Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed Instruments, visit them online at www.buddyblaze.com sales@buddyblaze.com

Starting price with the Steam Punk Generator Graphics:

MSRP $3949 USD Street $3099 USD

About Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed Instruments

Buddy Blaze started building and “hot-rodding” guitars in 1985. With an extensive background in woodworking and machining as well as music, he set out to build his own guitar. After showing his first creation to some local players, he encountered a bidding war for this guitar and has since built instruments for some of the most recognized musicians in the world.

Buddy currently makes guitars for Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard, Scott Patton of Sugarland and other well known artists. Buddy and his wife Joyce moved to Kona Hawaii in 2005 and started Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed Instruments. Their mission to make the finest professional grade guitars is being enjoyed by their customers, artists and dealers worldwide! Changing the world, one guitar at a time…
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