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Three New Starr Labs Ztars Paving the Way of Performance, Control, and Creativity

United States
The fully programmable functionality and vast performance capability of the Z6S- XPA will lead you to the future of musical expression.

Starr Labs Ztar Model Z6S-XPA

The Z6S-PXA expands on the Z6S Ztar with powerful new features and functions geared towards providing the professional musician with ultimate control of performance, and creativity of composition.

6 velocity-sensing strings with our revised “Adaptive Static Mapping” triggering system, advanced analog front-end, and processing algorithms contribute to our fastest, most sensitive and reliable triggering system ever. The 6 Zero-latency string-triggers x 24 fret touch-sensitive color-keyed fingerboard, 6 pressure and velocity-sensing Touch-Pads, 6 fully programmable pots, and an Ableton Live control panel matrix make the Z6S-XPA the ideal guitar for playing, performing, and controlling all aspects of synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, and software!

Being truly polyphonic, the Z6S-XPA can simultaneously play multiple notes per-string. The cutting edge touch-sensing color-keyed fingerboard has been developed with 32 separate programmable zones, each with its own channel, voice, transposition, tuning, hammer-ons and sensitivity settings. The strings themselves have programmable tunings, and each key on the entire fingerboard may be tuned independently as well. The embedded arpeggiator as well as the programmable auto-chording system may be assigned to separate fingerboard zones and/or frets. This fingerboard system is highly suited for drum mapping when percussion or loop playback is called for, or chord mapping when accompaniment in composition is needed.

The 6 programmable Rotary Pots can be used for setting up and controlling synthesizer modules and computer music software such as Reason and Kontakt. You can also set volume levels, EFX levels, modulations, and complex controls for multiple channels. Finally, the Z6S-XPA is the first MIDI guitar controller to incorporate a dedicated Ableton Live control matrix panel.


• 6 Zero Latency String-Triggers
• 24 fret touch sensitive color-keyed fingerboard
• Full polyphony on strings and fingerboard
• 6 fully programmable Expression Pads
• Ableton Live control panel matrix with LEDs
• 6 (shown with 8) programmable rotary pots
• Composite body / wood neck is solid but lightweight and available in a variety of finishes
• 32 mappable zones
• Programmable auto-chording and layering system
• Unlimited user/custom tunings
• Sequencer
• Arpeggiator
• 4-way programmable Joystick
• MIDI and USB i/o
• Upgrades: Neck-Sensor strip, Ribbon Controller, Breath Controller, Sound card, MIDI wireless
• Hard case, power supply and cables included

The solid maple body and neck construction of the Z5S is perfect for any guitarist looking to enter the realm of MIDI sound control and composition.

Starr Labs Ztar Model Z5S

Starr Labs is proud to present the Z5S, the Ztar answer for the traditional guitarist looking to enter the

realm of MIDI music composition and performance control.The body and neck of the Z5S is constructed of solid maple and comes in the classic 3-tone sunburst finish. But don’t let the classic looks fool you, with its fully programmable functionality and performance capability, the Z5S is the most affordable professional MIDI- Guitar controller to date.

Hardware features:

• Maple body and neck construction with 3-tone sunburst finish
• Zero-Latency String Triggers
• 24-fret polyphonic touch-sensitive fingerboard
• Octave and Patch Change keys
• 4-way programmable joystick
• Volume pot
• 2 pedal ports
• Communication via MIDI and USB or optional wireless

Software features:

• Multiple custom user tunings
• 6 mappable zones
• Guitar-style and tapping-style performance
• Full MIDI clocking functions for controlling sequencers
• Arpeggiator

The Z-One is the instrument bridging the gap between passive gaming interaction and creative performance education.

Starr Labs Ztar Model Z-One

The Z-One is the ultimate MIDI guitar/game controller. Featuring the same patented fingerboard technology we use on our top of the line professional instruments. The Z-One offers incredible playability and flexibility as a lower cost higher performance MIDI guitar and game controller powerhouse!

The Z-One also features our zero-latency string triggers, a programmable joystick, muting system, 2 pedal ports, MIDI and USB connectivity, all in a slick looking body anyone would be proud to play in their living room or on stage. Tuning, zoning, maps, layering, chording, it’s all there. Did we mention it is full size.

The Z-One is NOT a toy. It is THEE-One tool paving the future of instrument and game interaction. The era of the passive gamer interacting in a non-creative way has been waning for years. Gamers, whether novice or advnced, will be able to control guitar video games in a more realistic and fun way.

The Z-One enables the player to learn techniques and actually play guitar while playing video games or by using a variety of guitar learning software. The Z-One can be used as a MIDI or USB guitar controller with any PC or Mac, and with gaming console support planned in the future.

The Z-One MIDI guitar/game controller is the instrument bridging the gap between passive gaming interaction and creative performance education.

Z-One Key Benefits

• Advanced game controlling features for existing and future guitar video games
• Support for all major music video game titles on all platforms (Playstation®, Wii®, PC, MAC, Xbox®)
• Looks and feels like a real musical instrument (because it IS!)
• Easy and fun to use
• Based on proven and patented technology from Starr Labs Inc.
• Full MIDI functionality for advanced performance
• Motion sensor (accelerometer functions)
• Models equipped with game flipper switch and/or string triggers
• Full 14 fretted neck for real guitar playing
• Perfect for learning to play guitar
• Updatable firmware

The patented technology used in the Z-One Line of hybrid game controller/musical instruments was originally developed by inventor/musician Harvey Starr, founder of Starr Labs Inc., the leader in professional, hand-crafted MIDI guitars. From the foundations laid by Starr Labs, the Z-One will bring music to everyone, bridging the gap by delivering the best platform for both gaming and playing music!
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