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Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV) is back! 26th edition to take place May 20-23, 2010

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Come and live the experience!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010 (Victoriaville, Quebec) – It is now official; the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville is back and will be presenting its 26th edition May 20-23, 2010.

Following a much-needed and fruitful “break,” FIMAV has grown wings! And its new experimental scope includes two new components: sound art installations and cinema!


Sound installations will unfold FIMAV’s horizons in public spaces, for an experience that will open your ears to the unexpected! Three installations will be accessible from May 19-23 at Place Ste-Victoire and Théâtre Parminou. Don’t miss this experience, it’s free!

Outdoor sound art installations at Place Ste-Victoire:

YVES DAOUST “Empreintes” - The perfect opportunity to experience something magical and interactive. The electroacoustic soundtrack composed by YVES DAOUST will harmonize with the sounds of wind chimes played by the natural environment and visitors. Come to our wind chime-making workshop and you can participate to the evolutive creation of this installation by adding your own wind chime to it. Be a part of the collective memory that will leave its “imprint.”

ANDRÉ PAPPATHOMAS, in collaboration with the Daveluy and Orphée choirs, has created “La vie mode d’emploi”, an original work that has its roots in Victoriaville. The great choirmaster and improviser PAPPATHOMAS offered a unique experience to local singers, asking each of them to make a spontaneous recording that has been integrated to an audio work to be broadcasted non-stop by the bike path. Come and listen to our neighbours’ voices!

Indoor sound art installation at Théâtre Parminou:

ÉRICK D’ORION “Solo de musique concrète pour 6 pianos sans pianiste” - Listening to pianos being played without a pianist may sound like a static performance. But D’ORION makes a vibrant use of his instruments! Motors are mounted inside the pianos and serve as stimulators for piano solo samples from Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, György Ligeti and others, performed without having to touch a single piano key.

Special event: We will be hosting a special event at Place Ste-Victoire on Sunday, May 23, 11:30 AM. Under the direction of PAPPATHOMAS and DAOUST, the participants to the vocal improvisation workshops and wind chime-making workshops will gather for a live performance. This musical happening will conclude our project of sound art installations in public spaces on a friendly note.


If, on the one hand, we want to reach out to a larger audience with these interactive and accessible interventions; on the other hand, we also want to increase the intimate character of our Festival by setting up a second stage at Colisée Desjardins. By presenting most of our concerts (14 out of 20) in a single venue, we will finally be able to develop that meeting and rallying place - that Festival hub, the Colisée Bar - our event needed so much!


Our new cinema component follows FIMAV’s philosophy of openness and experimentation. On opening night, before “Land of Kush’s” performance, FIMAV will welcome Bois-Francs native KARL LEMIEUX, a filmmaker who grew up with our Festival. The noise improvisation and electroacoustic music he heard at FIMAV have influenced his artistic development. Two of his works will be shown: “Mamori” (8 min), an abstract animated short made from footage filmed in Amazonia, paired to original music by FRANCISCO LÓPEZ produced from field recordings made at the same place, and; “Instabilités elliptiques,” a film commissioned by FIMAV. This premiere will be shown non-stop in the Colisée Bar.

On closing night, at Cinéma Laurier, we will show before TANYA TAGAQ’s performance the short “Tungijuq” (7 min) by FÉLIX LAJEUNESSE and PAUL RAPHAËL, featuring TANYA TAGAQ and ZACHARIAS KUNUK, a spiritual illustration of seal hunting in Inuit culture, on original music by TAGAQ and JESSE ZUBOT. Gripping, disarming sensations!


The FIMAV has had a strong visual art component since its beginnings. The exhibit for FIMAV 2010 was designed especially for us. MANON DE PAUW’s “L’Aréna” consists in two large video frescos to be projected on the black curtains of the Colisée. The screen will be fed with metaphors, games, and reconstructions. After showing in several events and festivals across Canada, Europe, and Latin America, MANON DE PAUW comes back to her hometown, for her very first exhibition in Victoriaville!


As announced earlier this year, FIMAV will feature 20 concerts. This year’s programming includes a wide range of eclectic experiences. The line-up is as risky, surprising, and disorienting as ever! Quebecois musicians have never had such an important place in it; their creativity and enthusiasm will be seen and heard on all three FIMAV stages! For instance, the major opening and closing concerts at the Colisée have been entrusted to SAM SHALABI and RENÉ LUSSIER who will be premiering new projects. Also, the Friday line-up is almost exclusively Quebecois to demonstrate the vitality and eclecticism of Musique Actuelle in Quebec. Our major “international” event this year is certainly the visit of Mr. BILL DIXON, who will be presenting his latest project “Tapestries for Small Orchestra” – a gift for our faithful audience!

There is a whole lot of discoveries to be made throughout the programming, new names like KYM MYHR, TANYA TAGAQ, and ANNE-JAMES CHATON, to name only a few… All we ask from our audience is that they accept to take risks!

See the Official Line-Up at www.fimav.qc.ca for the complete schedule.

FIMAV: AN EXPERIENCE FOR SCHOOL GROUPS Pre-Canadian Premiere: NABAZ’MOB, an opera for 100 electronic bunnies, will be presented to school groups on Wednesday, May 19, in the afternoon. NABAZ’MOB will engage students with its multimedia performance featuring electronics, communication, music, and visual art. Contact us for more details.


Another new feature this year, we have online ticketing! You can now buy your Festival passports and individual tickets directly on our official website. It’s easy and simple. But if you still prefer to make your reservations by phone, our staff will gladly take your call at 819-752-7912.

Here you go! This comeback will be noticed for its diversity, boldness, and new features!

Have a great Festival!
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