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You Need A NEW ABY Box! The ABY Mix from Morley® adds independent input level controls for the perfect mix

United States
19 March 2010 – Morley®, manufacturers of world famous Wah/Volume Pedals and widely used switching devices announced the release of its newest switching device – the ABY Mix.

Featuring independent level controls for each input Morley’s ABY-Mix eliminates the biggest frustration with ABY boxes on the market today, the inability to mix input signals. The ABY Mix is equipped with individual input level controls to guarantee the user the perfect mix every time. With the simple click of a switch, the two output sources can be used separately or simultaneously to meet your exact requirements.

Conventional ABY boxes allow two inputs to be routed to one output but when you play both inputs at the same time there is no way to mix the two input levels. No longer a problem with Morley’s ABY-Mix which has dozens of practical uses which can’t be done with today’s conventional ABY boxes. The ABY-Mix also eliminates the need for cumbersome and complicated Midi switching systems.

Like all Morley products the ABY-Mix is built to last with rugged cold rolled steel housing and can be powered from one 9V battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. It incorporates Morley’s “True Tone” Bypass buffer circuit to prevent loading and tone changes and has handy LED indication so you know what’s on and what’s off. Although the ABY Mix was designed with guitarists in mind, it can be used anywhere in which an easy-to-use and cost-effective mixing/switching system is needed.

MSRP is $129. Street Price is $79. Available Now!

Morley’s New ABY Mix!

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