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Berklee To Install Three 32-Channel API Legacy Plus Consoles

United States
Boston, Massachusetts - 15 September 2009 — Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most widely recognized and respected institutions of higher education for students seeking careers in the music industry. Founded in 1945 at a time when all other conservatories shunned contemporary music, Berklee gave its students a distinctly relevant education by teaching jazz, folk, and other modern genres that captivated the public imagination. With alumni earning more than 175 Grammy Awards, Berklee continues that tradition of relevance today by offering degrees with unparalleled depth and breadth across the many facets that make the music industry hum. In a move inspired both by pedagogy and recognition of the enduring role of high-end analog equipment in the recording industry, the Music Production and Engineering Department recently announced that it will replace three of its existing consoles with three 32-channel API Legacy Plus consoles.

Berklee faculty use these three studios to teach signal flow, foundational recording and mixing topics, and critical listening skills. Because student projects move between the three rooms, it was important that there be parity in their equipment. “The old consoles that the Legacies will replace are still great for teaching signal flow, but the API’s will allow us to raise the bar in terms of sonics, and better prepare students when they undoubtedly encounter these consoles in their careers” explained Rob Jaczko, chair of the Music Production and Engineering Department.

He continued, “API is a benchmark of the industry and the API Legacy is a definitive tool. We offer many different topologies in our thirteen studios, and we’ve desired to add API desks for a long time. I look forward to turning legions of young producers and engineers on to these consoles.”

The College also has aspirations to build a music technology building from the ground up - ambitions that are on pause until the economic climate brightens. “We wanted our console purchases now to retain their relevance moving forward,” said Jaczko. “We’re happy to know the Legacies will be serving students for a long time to come!”

Photo by Phil Farnsworth, courtesy of Berklee College of Music.

About API

Automated Processes, Inc. remains the leader in analog recording gear, with the Vision, Legacy Series and 1608 Recording Consoles, as well as the classic line of modular signal processing equipment.
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