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Bass visionary Michael Manring endorses Markbass and Markaudio

United States
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 (Oakland, California) – Michael Manring, considered by many to be the world’s leading solo bassist, has joined both the Markbass and Markaudio families as an endorsing artist.

“Markbass amps offer a unique combination of clarity and warmth that make them an absolute joy to play through,” says Manring.

But to amplify his intricate music, Manring has discovered that the powered PA cabinets manufactured by Markbass sister company Markaudio also perfectly suit his purposes. “My Markaudio system is a dream come true for me,” he continues. “The clarity and richness of the sound field is breathtaking. I use it not only to amplify my bass, but to reference recordings in my studio as well.”

Hailed by many as the world’s leading solo bassist, Michael Manring has been pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible on the bass guitar for over two decades. While his technical skill and innovations always make an impression, it’s his ability to communicate on a profound emotional level that most touches listeners. As editor Tom Darter wrote in Keyboard magazine after seeing one of Michael’s solo concerts, “Forget his astounding technique and musicality; forget his absolute command of his instruments; forget how seamlessly the musical ideas and the performance of them were wedded together... The enlightenment came most from feeling (seeing, hearing) the joy Michael felt to be playing... his brand of transcendental chops and musical understanding... was all in the service of the final outcome, the joy of making music.”

Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend Jaco Pastorius, Michael has developed a new approach to the instrument that includes unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. He has honed his skills on hundreds of recordings as a session musician and thousands of concerts throughout the world. Michael has worked with a surprisingly diverse collection of musicians from new age keyboardist Suzanne Ciani to avant-improv guitar innovator Henry Kaiser to celebrated folk troubadour John Gorka to experimental post-metal rockers Tim Alexander (Primus) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) to electro-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby. His long-term collaboration and close friendship with the late acoustic guitar genius Michael Hedges led to a lengthy stint as house bassist for Windham Hill Records; a label for whom he also worked as a solo artist, releasing four recordings under his own name: Unusual Weather (1986), Toward the Center of the Night (1989), Drastic Measures (1991) and Thonk (1994). These, along with his 1998 release The Book of Flame (on the Alchemy record label) earned him an international reputation as “a master of the fretless bass without rival” (Guitar Club Magazine, Italy). He has garnered two gold records, Grammy and Bammie nominations, a Berklee School of Music Distinguished Alumni Award, two Just Plain Folks Awards and numerous Bass Player Magazine Reader’s Poll awards including 1994 Bassist of the Year. He was also the subject of a recent PBS TV documentary, The Artist’s Profile: Michael Manring.

In his solo concerts Michael weaves together his musical influences into a tapestry rich with expression, virtuosity, humor and meaning. As one writer put it, “Michael Manring can do more with a bass than even the most creative individual could imagine” (L. Pierce Carson, Napa Valley Register). His newest release Soliloquy, performed entirely solo without overdubs, is the best recorded example yet of that depth and diversity. Using a variety of bass guitars and the far-reaching, innovative approaches he is renowned for, with Enhanced CD content including Michael’s extensive 24-page liner notes detailing the composing and recording process, photos and live performance videos, Soliloquy takes the listener on a unique musical journey.

For now, Manring is using Markaudio AC 602 cabinets, the Markbass Little Mark II amp and the Markbass Traveler 121H cabinet. But he will soon begin working with Markbass/Markaudio General Manager Marco De Virgiliis to design some signature products that should become available in 2009.

Michael has a busy schedule coming up, including touring in the US and Europe, and a feature performance at the Euro Bass Day in Verona, Italy.

For his full tour itinerary, visit: www.manthing.com/concerts.htm.
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