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Aguilar Amplification Announces The Octamizer™ Analog Octave Pedal

United States
3rd August 2009 — Following the success of last year’s Tone Hammer preamp/DI, Aguilar Amplification is continuing their foray into the world of bass effects with the Octamizer™ analog octave pedal. The Octamizer™ is designed to give bass players access to a wide range of octave-based sounds with a simple user interface.

Featuring a four-knob layout, the Octamizer™ has independent volume controls for the clean and octave sounds so you can dial in the desired amount of each. The “Clean Tone” control uses a Full Spectrum Tilt EQ, allowing for the boosting of treble while cutting bass or boosting of bass while cutting treble. This unique circuit allows you to create a clean sound that creates an octave doubling effect or to blend the sounds together for a great thick, snarky synth tone. The Octamizer’s “Octave Filter” control is a multi-pole low-pass Filter that lets you shape the octave sound from smooth and deep to edgy and aggressive.

• Proprietary detector circuit for superior tracking
• Dual Filter Architecture
• Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound
• Continuously variable multipole low-pass Filter for Octave sound
• Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies)
• Powered by one nine volt battery or optional universal power supply
• Heavy Duty steel construction

MSRP: $219.00

Street Price: $159.00
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