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Roland Ships BA-330 Portable Digital PA System

United States
Los Angeles, CA, December 28, 2009 — Roland Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce that the BA-330 Portable Digital PA System (www.RolandUS.com/products/BA-330) is now available. Using Roland’s superior battery technology, the BA-330 is the all-in-one portable PA solution for music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more.

The BA-330 has a six input, four-channel configuration, with two channels dedicated for microphones or instruments, and two other channels for standard 1/4” stereo inputs. Each channel has its own independent tone adjustment and effects switching for built-in effects, such as EQ, reverb, delay and widening. A Stereo Link function allows for a pair of BA-330s to work in tandem to provide an extra-wide stereo spread.

Powered by a high performance digital stereo amplifier, the BA-330 features four custom-designed 6.5” stereo speakers and two tweeters, positioned for wide stereo dispersion. While the built-in tilt-back stand enables the unit to be angled up for better sound monitoring, the BA-330 also can easily be mounted on a speaker stand.

The Roland BA-330 PA System features a unique Intelligent Anti-Feedback function previously unavailable in self-contained portable PA systems. During use, the

BA-330 can automatically detect potential feedback possibilities and eliminate it immediately. This is a huge advantage over manually adjusting volume levels, as it allows performers to place the PA system behind them and easily hear themselves without experiencing feedback.

Designed to deliver high-quality stereo sound for audiences of up to 80 people, the BA-330 can run on standard AC Power or eight AA Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The switchable output power allows the user to switch between the maximum power and the energy-saving Eco modes to preserve battery life. The

BA-330 is also amazingly efficient, delivering a sound pressure level of 109 dB, comparable to much larger mid-range sound systems.

The BA-330 Portable Digital PA System is now shipping with an MSRP of $829.50.
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