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Modtone Effects StutterKill Pedal

United States
The StutterKill is a dual purpose pedal that’s a “must have” for any player.

On one hand its a kill switch that’s great when changing guitars or when you just need everything shut off for a second. The second button is a momentary kill switch that allows you to do on / off toggle switch effects with your feet! Its your very own musical panic button! Like all Modtone pedals it has an all metal casing and is True Bypass with a bright blue LED. Suggested list price is $99.95.
Keith Klawitter Hits the Ground Running with KK labs
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Keith Klawitter Hits the Ground Running with KK labs

Huntington Beach, CA – February 2, 2010 – Keith R. Klawitter, a professional audio veteran and well-known founder of KRK Systems Inc., a loudspeaker manufacturing company, has announced a new venture, KK labs. The new company, based in Hunt …

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