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Rico Reserve Classic Reeds Are An Instant Hit

United States
The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA (January 14-17, 2010), Booth #4834 – In just a few short months, Rico’s premium clarinet reed has become an instant classic with top symphony players.

Developed in conjunction with Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinet of the New York Philharmonic, Rico Reserve Classic reeds offer incredible consistency thanks to Rico’s special cane curing process. This allows a natural curing time for the cane to stabilize which translates into less warped reeds. Better quality cane combined with Rico’s $10 million investment in automatic reed blanking machines and precision natural diamond cutters enables Rico to offer the most consistent clarinet reeds available.

The Reserve Classic reeds differ from the original Reserve reeds in that they feature increased warmth of sound and lightened articulation by way of a newly designed tip radius. So players can fine tune their exact strength, the Classics have been specially measured to offer hard-to-find desired strengths including 3.5+ and 4.0+. In addition, the Reserve Classic reeds use a special cane treatment process to help dramatically reduce reed warping. Each of these attributes results in a superior reed.

“We’ve seen a mass influx of top players to Reserve Classic” says Robert Polan, Rico Product Manager. “The principal clarinets of New York, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh have recently joined the Rico artist roster, as have over a dozen other symphonic clarinetists in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Colorado, and many more. We’re also seeing university professors from all over the country recommend Reserve Classic to their students.”

“Rico quickly demonstrated they have the technology to make a great reed,” says Mark Nuccio. “I’ve been exclusively playing the reeds in the New York Philharmonic since January and have totally stopped making my own. They remain stable under different weather conditions with a great percentage of performance reeds in every box.”

“Remember reeds in the good old days?” says Mike Rusinek, Principal Clarinet of the Pittsburgh Symphony. “Beautiful sound, even consistency, and a lot of great reeds in every box? The first time I tried Rico Reserves I thought, ‘Finally, reeds the way they used to be!’”
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