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Selmer Paris Firebird/Europe Saxophones Available To Dealers

United States
17-02-2009 — Conn-Selmer is proud to announce that the fourth installment in the “Tribute to Bird”-Firebird series of saxophones, will be available to the public beginning May 1, 2009 at select Conn-Selmer dealers. These saxophones are built on legendary design platforms and possess the unparalleled functionality of all Selmer Paris built instruments.

The Firebird/Europe Reference Alto 54 Alto Collector models will be produced in a dark gold lacquer, with or without high F-sharp. The Reference 54 Tenor Collector model will be produced in a honey gold lacquer without F-sharp. Each model will have an original “Firebird” engraving by the Selmer Paris artisan engravers. Each instrument comes with a Selmer Paris ligature, Collector’s “bird” formed case that is leather-like and a silk embroidered pouch with an imaginary tree pattern.
The Firebird/Europe Super Action 80, Series II and Series III Limited models will be available with a honey gold lacquer finish, a black leather-like Pro-Light backpack case, and will be engraved with a “Firebird” design separate of the Collector models.

“I am ecstatic about the release of the fourth installment of the Tribute to Bird Series from Selmer Paris”, says Denny Craig, Director of Marketing, Saxophones. “In my opinion, the Firebird series represents exquisite artistry and timeless design in each of its models. The Reference 54 alto and tenor are the standard by which all other saxophones are measured and the Collector versions of each take that standard to a much higher level. Also, the addition of the Series II and Series III platforms to the Limited models presents a truly unique offering. The use of honey gold lacquer on the Series II and III altos has never been done before-they are truly limited edition models.”

Complete information about the new Firebird/Europe saxophones can be found at the website for Selmer-Paris saxophones, www.henriselmerparis.com. The website is the clearing house for all information regarding the complete line of Selmer-Paris saxophones. The site also includes links to other valuable resources such as an artist list, Selmer-Paris Players Forums on Facebook and MySpace, and exclusive performance resources especially for saxophone players and teachers.
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