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Conn and Holton Professional Horns Offer Optional Hand Flipper

United States
25/03/2009 — Conn-Selmer Inc. is pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2009, all Conn and Holton Professional horns will now come with the option of a hand flipper for the left hand. This new option will allow horn players the flexibility and comfort in their choice of horn.
The hand flipper is adjustable with the use of two Allen wrench screws, and a wrench is included. This hand flipper provides comfort for the player who is standing on stage or for those who are looking to take some of the pressure off of the left hand during performance. “Options such as this are important for all horn players and I’m excited that we are able to provide this on two very legendary horn brands.” Michael Kamphuis, Director of Marketing for Horns at Conn-Selmer, Inc.

C.G. Conn and Holton horns have been the choice of musicians for over 70 years. Over the years, both brands have continued to evolve to meet changing musical demands, making Conn and Holton horns the perfect choice for advancing players, whether in a school setting or in a professional or semi-professional career.
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