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Melbye/Berre/Brötzmann “A tale of three cities”, Barefoot Records

United States
13th June 2009 — Melbye/Berre/Brötzmann had its debut in 2007 in connection with a diploma exam at the Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark. The exam was the first completely free-improvised of its kind in Denmark and resulted in the forming of MBB – a hardworking and hardhitting trio that delivers no-nonsense free jazz. The music is uncompromising and raw but wide in its dynamic width and rests on a high level of communication between the three musicians. Peter Brötzmann is a lighthouse on the international improv scene and has for more than 40 years been making music without borders with numerous orchestras, as well as creating one of the most easily recognizable voices in contemporary music. Håkon Berre and Adam Pultz Melbye have for six years constituted the rhythm section in a large number of groups and has played with musicians such as Simon Spang-Hanssen, Jesper Zeuthen, Petter Wettre, Paul Brosseau, Thommy Andersson and Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra.

MBB released its debut CD “A tale of three cities” on Barefoot Records (bfrec008) on 20th March 2009.

The CD is distributed in Denmark by Jazzkælderen/Adib distribution – www.jazzmusic.dk and in Norway through MusikkLosen - www.musikklosen.no

“..The trio describes its music as no-nonsense free jazz, which is inarguably true. The music is raw and played from the gut…”

“…Danish bass player Adam Melbye and Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre shows a very good, almost telepathic understanding of Brötzmann’s intentions. Not to be understood as if the music is being driven forward on Brötzmann’s premises but more that the music is located in a time pocket that reaches backward to the experiments of the 1960’s with form as content. Adam Melbye and Håkon Berre are competent musicians which is an absolute prerequisite for playing completely free music. The almost symbiotic understanding and open form of communication that comes to be between the three, resolves the dynamic forces of the music in a wonderful fashion. At the same time this means that the music is deligthfully free of the idle repition that is the achille’s heel of much free music…”

- Reviewed in Jazz Special, June 2009 by Allan Sommer.
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