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Behringer Reaches 20th Anniversary

United States
30 January 2009, Seattle, WA – January 2009 marked the 20th Anniversary for BEHRINGER and NAMM provided the perfect venue to recap the last two decades. At a press conference Friday afternoon, Uli Behringer had the opportunity to reflect on the last two decades: “If anyone had asked me twenty years ago if BEHRINGER would have 3,500 employees around the world and be one of the biggest companies in the MI market, I would have said they were nuts!”

Mr. Behringer continued, “We owe our success to the dedication and passion of our employees who produce astounding products. We could not have achieved this level of success without the support of the press and our world-wide dealer and distributor network. We absolutely owe a debt of gratitude to our customers who understand the value we bring, and have become loyal users and advocates.”

Addressing the current economic landscape, CEO Michael Deeb was specific; “We enter 2009 with a solid cash position, no hard debt and near-complete control over our manufacturing and distribution channels. Over the last several years, BEHRINGER has invested significantly to assure control over as much of our destiny as possible. We can’t say that we cornered the market on wisdom a few years ago. We simply applied sound business practices to assure a predictable future for ourselves and our customers. These decisions and activities place us now in a very stable position to not only weather this economic downturn, but to take advantage of it through expansion and acquisition.”

BEHRINGER’s solid position may provide a refuge for MI dealers looking to find a secure partner able to supply products suited to the current economy. “Our customers want, perhaps more now than ever, to make and enjoy their music” offered Scott Garside, Corporate Communications Manager. “When things get tough, folks tend to cocoon and seek satisfying activities that don’t cost a lot to fulfill. BEHRINGER products offer so much value and performance, at an affordable price, that we find ourselves the first choice to turn to; and we can deliver.”

20th Anniversary activities continue with a press and key-dealer visit to BEHRINGER City in Zhongshan, China in February and a North American dealer tour by Uli Behringer throughout Spring 2009.
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