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TC Electronic announces Nova Drive, the analog overdrive and distortion pedal

United States
Risskov, Januray 9th 2009 - TC Electronic announces the latest addition to the Nova pedal family: Nova Drive, TC Electronic’s new all-analog, programmable overdrive-and distortion pedal, featuring the innovative drive circuit from the acclaimed Nova System. Nova Drive ships Q1 2009 at a suggested retail price of EUR 249 excl. VAT.

Nova Drive takes the drive circuit from Nova System, and pairs it with a level of programmability and control never before seen in a stand-alone analog drive pedal. Featuring individual overdrive and distortion circuits that can be used separately or stacked together for virtually unlimited tonal flexibility, Nova Drive provides all the distorted and overdriven sounds guitarists could ever need. Nova Drive features with 24 programmable presets to create, store and recall favourite settings. Nova Drive integrates easily into any set-up, from simple pedal boards to high-end professional rigs.

The overdrive section of Nova Drive features an all-analog circuit that is digitally controlled. Its sounds range from bluesy sting and smooth tube-like breakup to a heavy crunch. The overdrive section features a dedicated ‘mix’ knob that allows mixing in original sound as desired, preserving the original character of the existing tone. The overdrive section of Nova Drive features the classic Level, Tone and Overdrive controls as well as a mix control that allows blending the dry sound with the overdriven for added clarity, note definition and punch.

Nova Drive’s distortion section also features an all-analog circuit with digital control, and yields an even wider range of usable tones from an extremely transparent and subtle drive through classic rock crunch to untamed fuzz. Nova Drive’s distortion section has a 2-band equalization section with bass- and treble controls, which allows for precise shaping of distorted sounds. Nova Drive’s distortion character is best typified as raw, but like the overdrive section, it was specifically designed to preserve all character of a guitarist’s own sound.

Nova Drive features three drive stages: Overdrive, Distortion and Overdrive+Distortion parallel, in any desired order. Nova Drive also features a true bypass, eliminating unwanted noise when turned of.

Nova Drive’s offers great flexibility through its three routing options when combining the Overdrive and Distortion. Most guitar players have spent countless hours finding the perfect order for their drive pedals – because overdrive into distortion, or distortion into overdrive results in dramatically different effects. Nova Drive gives guitarists total freedom by offering both options as well as a third ‘parallel mode’ that can best be compared to running two tonally different, great sounding amps at the same time. Changing routing can be done with press of a button and Nova Drive allows for different routings to be saved as a preset.

Nova Drive features 19 programmable presets and gives guitarists several options of how to control the pedal. In ‘Normal’-mode the overdrive and distortion switches work like regular stomp boxes. “Toggle” - mode switches either of the engines on/off for fast switching between overdrive and distortion sounds. Finally, ‘Bank’ – mode enables set up of 9 banks of two presets. This is ideal for users who prefer the sound of for either the overdrive or the distortion and makes it possible to switch between two different overdrive settings using the two switches.

Nova Drive features extensive options for easy integration into existing setups with external controllers. Adding the optional G-Switch pedal gives the user direct access to three presets as well as the individual drives. Furthermore Nova Drive is the only analog drive pedal that can be fully controlled via MIDI. Integration of Nova Drive into a MIDI-based guitar-setup yields complete control of all parameters – from preset change and effect on/off to real-time control of drive, level and tone parameters using an expression pedal.

Owners of TC Electronic’s flagship multi effect and -switching system will find Nova Drive the perfect companion to an already impressive system. Nova Drive integrates seamlessly into their current rigs with unparalleled ease of use thanks to its plug-and-play compatibility with G-System. G-System will automatically recognize a connected Nova Drive and provide access to all Nova Drive parameters from G-System along with the rest of the built-in effects including real-time control of parameters using an expression pedal. Current G-System presets will be able to include Nova Drive if desired, a testament of the effort the TC Electronic engineers put into making the Nova Drive + G-System combination a match made in heaven.

“We simply wanted to do the ultimate Overdrive/Distortion pedal,” says Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic. “We wanted to combine the great sounds from an analog drive circuit with the extensive control options the digital domain offers and I really think we knocked this one out of the park, both feature- and sound wise. I cannot wait for guitarists to get their hands on it”
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