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Stash Picks Breaks Out New Ad Campaign, New Purchase Opportunity

United States
WEST HILLS, CA (13 December 2008) – Stash Picks, Inc. is rolling out two new campaigns to put their picks into guitarists’ hands. One is a sexy, in-your-face ad campaign and the other is offering the picks per piece rather than in bags.

The new ad campaign, designed in-house by Linda Magid, Stash Picks Director of Marketing and Public Relations, strikes a sexual note with its target audience. The campaign intends to break the company out of the instructional tone many Stash Picks ads have had in the past. “Players either know us or have heard of us,” says Magid. “Now it is time to play up our creativity.” For example, the line “Pluck her twice at the same time” floats in white print above a large photo of the Double pick. Tins and bags will continue to offer information on the picks to get the most out of Stash Picks unique designs. The ads will show in industry magazines and on t-shirts available at their NAMM booth.

For store retail, Stash Picks will offer a new sales opportunity – fishbowls filled with an assortment of single picks. Customers will be able to purchase one pick, set at the store’s price, as an entry into the line of products. All 6 picks are included in the price of purchase as well as signage for the fishbowl.

Also for retail, Stash Picks will be offering empty tins for purchase – 24 tins to a box. Stores can sell the tins in conjunction with any pick sale. The price of a fishbowl filled with picks and a box of empty tins is 1/3rd the price of a full Stash Picks display.
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