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Tama’s Got Soul: Unique Snare By Japanese Drum Artist Soul Toul Offers Maximum Bang and Easy Tuning For Minimum Bucks

United States
2 October 2008 — “For a long time, I have wanted to create a snare drum with a great sound at an affordable price,” explained Japanese drum artist, Soul Toul, about his NSS1455 Tama snare drum. The new NSS1455 features a 5 ½” x 14” 1.0mm thick steel shell finished in a black nickel plate plus the signature spec that makes the drum so different: a customized bearing edge lined with a special compound that facilitates the drum’s warm yet extraodinarily precise and articulate response. Perhaps even more remarkable is that such a great sounding—and great looking—drum has a list price of $399.99.

Soul Toul’s impressive drumming career has spanned many genres including rock, pop, jazz, and wind orchestra. In Japan Soul Toul is one of the most famous and highly respected drummers in Japan, and a huge influence on drummers throughout the country. In his 30-years as a professional drummer, Soul came to strongly believe how important it was for young drummers to get precision equipment at a price they could afford. TAMA and Soul conducted a great deal of research and experimentation before finally arriving at the final NS1455 design and specs, which include its unique bearing edge (shown in the accompanying illustrations). To further enhance the drum’s easy tuning and to facilitate maximum performance, the NS1455 features TAMA’s 2.3mm triple flanged hoops. Said Soul Toul of his design, “the NA1455 is easy to tune and very affordable. Best of all, this is a drum that every drummer can use in every style and performance situation.”

Soul Toul Designed Snare Drum

  • Model: NSS1455
  • List Price $399.99
  • Size: 5.5 x 14”
  • Shell: 1.0mm steel with custom bearing edge
  • Shell Finish: Black Nickel Plate
  • Hoops: 2.3mm triple flanged
  • Strainer: MSC70A
  • Butt: MCS70B
  • Snappy Snares: MS20SN14S
  • Batter Head: REMO Ambassador coated

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