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Carvin Introduces XD88 Loudspeaker Management System

United States
The perfect 8-channel powerhouse processor for live performance

San Diego, CA, 11 February 2008 — Carvin, the name musicians the world over look to for fine guitars, basses, signal processing equipment, PA systems, and related musical electronics, is pleased to announce its new XD88 Loudspeaker Management System. A crucial tool in any live sound reinforcement environment, the XD88 offers a wealth of equalization, limiting, delay, and related signal processing functions designed to maximize the performance of any loudspeaker system. With a large, backlit, variable contrast LCD display for easy reading, the new XD88 is an 8-channel, 2RU rackmount processor that is ideal in monitor applications—enabling each performer to have their monitor speaker optimally placed and EQ’d so as to maximize their ability to hear clearly without feedback issues, high-end harshness, or “muddied” low frequency performance.

The new XD88 features a 30-band graphic EQ for each of its eight input channels. Channels are easily accessed via channel select keys, and adjustments are made with successive presses of the Up/Down buttons—facilitating quick access to critical settings. For maximum signal routing flexibility, any of the XD88’s 8 inputs can be directed to any of the 8 available outputs. This exceptional processor makes it a snap to create 8 independent monitor mixes (one for the lead vocalist, one for the guitar player, etc.), each with individual 30-band graphic EQ settings. In environments where loudspeakers are bi-amped, this versatile unit enables engineers to time align the drivers for as many as 4 independent mixes.

Each of the XD88’s 8 outputs provides a wealth of functionality. The system offers 4 parametric EQs, and parameters include the ability to select the desired frequency, gain adjustment (± 12 dB cut or boost), plus slope adjustment over a range of 3 octaves. To facilitate easy checking of individual channels, the unit provides Mute/Unmute capability, and includes signal presence and peak indicators.

The ability to adjust high- and low-frequency crossover points is critical in a system of this type, and the XD88 provides all the tools to manage the process quickly and easily. For each channel, the XD88 provides the ability to define frequency settings and make slope selection (Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley) with up to 48 dB per octave—enabling engineers to precisely adjust signal roll-off to achieve the ideal settings. Similarly, the unit provides Phase In/Out, as well as Gain cut down to -32 dB.

With still more processing power for each of the 8 channels, the XD88 provides limiter functions that incorporate an adjustable threshold that ranges from -6 dB to +26 dB with Release Time ranging from 0.2 seconds to 5 seconds. The XD88 also provides Delay functionality up to 456 mSec per channel. Times are also adjustable in micro seconds and inches.

Additionally, Carvin’s new XD88 functions as a 30-band RTA (real time analyzer) for making room measurements. The unit includes the ability to scale the size of the on-screen graph, generates pink noise for measurement purposes, and includes an XLR input on the rear panel for a microphone input as well as a microphone gain trim control. Additional rear panel ports include balanced XLR inputs as well as insert jacks for each of the 8 channels. Further, this outstanding processor provides an RS232 input to facilitate communication with computers—enabling the XD88 to be easily updated, etc.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company’s new XD88 Loudspeaker Management System, “Modern sound reinforcement systems are becoming increasing sophisticated, and the ability to properly define crossover points, delay settings, and make tonal adjustments to individual channels is more important than ever. The new XD88 is a comprehensive tool that provides audio engineers with the functionality to make these settings accurately and intuitively—with the end result being better, clearer sound quality for all performers. I’m confident the XD88 will find a home among many seasoned audio professionals.”

Carvin’s new XD88 Loudspeaker Management System will be available Q1 of 2008.
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