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Martin Guitar Introduces New JDP II Diane Ponzio Signature Edition

United States
Nazareth, PA – June 19, 2008 — C.F. Martin & Co. proudly unveils the JDP II, a second collaboration with Martin Clinician and worldwide guitar troubadour, Diane Ponzio. On this, the 5th Anniversary of the highly acclaimed

JDP Diane Ponzio Limited Edition model, and the 175th Anniversary of its mother ship, we celebrate by introducing the JDP II, an innovative Martin Jumbo design that truly speaks for itself.

“For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of representing The Martin Guitar Company at clinics, trade shows, in shops and on stages all over the world. What continues to astound me is the enduring quality of Martin craftsmanship and their instantly recognizable tone. I have NEVER met a Martin I didn’t like, and more than many that I have loved.”

The JDP II, a seeming “plain Jane” in appearance, is anything but in its sonic portrait. Every decision in the construction of this instrument is an exponent of sound and every appointment is dedicated to yielding fabulous tone at maximum volume.

Diane chose the Martin Jumbo body shape – her perennial favorite – because of its tight-waisted profile, which provides even tonal balance, and its Dreadnought depth, which gives it blasting power.

“Recently, I learned firsthand that dwindling natural resources and increased demand from other industries has cast a threatening shadow over the future supply of genuine mahogany. I am convinced that genuine mahogany will one day approximate the rarity of Brazilian rosewood. Mahogany instruments sound much brighter than their rosewood counterparts, and the

clarity is rich and distinct. It is for these reasons that I chose genuine mahogany for the back and sides.”

Another fascinating timber development Diane has witnessed is the emergence of different species of spruce used on the tops of Martin guitars. For the JDP II, she chose premium Italian alpine spruce.

Adding to the vibrant tone of the JDP II the body is finished with full gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, while the neck’s satin sheen allows for fast movement and fretting. Two obvious visual features of this magnificent jumbo are the slotted headstock and large soundhole. Both of these features make the guitar louder; the strings traveling from a slotted headstock to the bridge exert more downward pressure on the nut due to the increased angle, hence, more resonance. The large soundhole is like having a big mouth!

Inspired by the contrasting pearl “sun” rosette of the 0-28 Ian Anderson model, Diane appropriated a similar design using in-house laser cut wood inlays. This process utilizes small pieces of precious wood trim from the Martin factory that are too small to utilize elsewhere in the process. It is one small example of our collective commitment to use wood wisely and continually find new ways to embrace the future of green guitar building.

The handsome Waverly tuners, prized for their precision, add to its beauty, and the tortoise teardrop pickguard, previously used exclusively on Martin OM’s, highlights this guitar’s simple elegance. The JDP II is an obvious player’s choice. Drawing from Diane’s rich knowledge of tone woods and “global laps” of experience as a Martin clinician, she has shared her vision by blending classic and contemporary design features to create this unprecedented combination.

“The most wonderful aspects of this guitar, however, are the men and women who make each one by hand in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, with the dedication to quality we have revered for almost two centuries. Thanks for the BEST!” — Diane Ponzio
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