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Extraordinary Ministar Guitars Now Fueled by American Music & Sound

United States
Agoura Hills (Aug 5, 2008) – American Music & Sound is very pleased to announce that Ministar has joined the AM&S family of brands effective August 1, 2008. Ministar offers a full lineup of lightweight and portable guitars and basses featuring exceptionally innovative, patented designs. The ultimate in uncompromised efficiency, Ministar guitars and basses are amazing customers across the United States with their lightning fast playability, full bodied tone, and luxurious sustain.

“We are very excited about Ministar guitars!” exclaims Lynn Martin, President of American Music & Sound. “These guitars are totally unique, and that is hard to do in today’s guitar market. We look forward to bringing great success to Ministar.”

“In our extensive research and testing, we found that it isn’t the amount of wood on a guitar that determines the quality of the tone and sustain,” explains Bob Wiley, Chief Designer for Ministar Guitars, “we construct Ministar guitars from a single piece of Hard Rock Maple ensuring that the Maple wood grain runs the full length of the guitar from the bridge all the way to the end of the headstock.”

“The consistent, uninterrupted wood grain running throughout the guitar is the key to Ministar’s fantastic tone and sustain,” continues Wiley. “Other guitars lose tone and sustain by gluing together disparate pieces of wood as they attach the headstock to the neck to the body.”

The Ministar guitar lineup includes the Castar, Lestar, Testar, Rokstar, and Jazztar, and the bass lineup includes the Basstar, Basstar 5, Basstar F, and Basstar 5F.

Ministar guitars and basses posses a number of revolutionary features and manufacturing techniques designed to improve playability. Starting with the headstock, the die-cast tuners are mounted laterally, well below the nut, allowing the guitar, neck, and body to be constructed from a single homogeneous piece of wood while ensuring that the strings have the correct tension and angle against the nut.

In addition, the graphite nut is adjustable and is cut to the same contour of the frets allowing the customer to adjust the nut amazingly low without any buzz. The brige of the Ministar is also similarly adjustable resulting in “the lowest action Mother Nature will allow,” says Wiley, “or, really, any kind of action desired by the guitarist, low, medium, or high.”

Moving on to the Maple fretboard, every Ministar guitar gets a professional hand-trued fret job, after which the frets are radiused to the perfect contour and feel. This ensures that every fret on a Ministar is exactly the same height and contour. “You could lay a level across a Ministar neck,” continues Wiley, “and the level will touch every fret perfectly across the neck.”

Ministar pickups are custom made for each model and hand wound with individual Alnico 5 magnets for each string. A bit of extra hand winding goes into each pickup providing a slightly higher output while retaining superb vintage voicing.

In order to guarantee perfect balance when standing and playing or sitting, Ministar guitars include 2 die-cast metal bars with standard strap hooks for connecting a guitar strap, and an additional bar for seated playing. The extension bars mount onto the guitar at a 5 degree angle so the Ministar hangs like any other well balanced instrument.

Ministar’s Castar model features 21 frets, Rosewood fingerboard, 25.5” scale neck, 3 single coil pickups with 5-way pickup selector, stacked volume-tone control, and a tremolo. Another Ministar original design, the tremolo can be set to float, for pulling-up/pushing-down or vibrato, or flat for diving down only with the range of movement also adjustable. Alternatively, the bridge can be locked in place as a fixed, non-movable bridge.

The Lestar features Maple fretboard, 21 frets, 24.75” scale neck, 2 humbuckers, 3 way pickup selector, and stacked volume-tone control.

The Rokstar features Maple fretboard, 24 frets, 25.5” scale neck, 1 “P90” pickup, and stacked volume-tone control.

The Testar features Maple fretboard, 21 frets, 25.5” scale neck, 2 single coil pickups, 3-way pickup selector, phase selector which switches the 2 pickups in and out of phase when the pickup selector is in the middle position, and stacked volume-tone control.

The Jazzstar features Rosewood fingerboard, 21 frets, binding on neck and headstock, 1 Jazz voiced humbucker, and separate volume and tone controls.

The Basstar features Maple fretboard, 24 frets, 34” scale length, 2 single coil pickups, and stacked volume-tone control.

The Basstar 5 is the 5 string version of the Basstar with a single coil pickup. The Basstar F is the fretless version of the Basstar, and the Basstar 5F is the fretless version of the Basstar 5.

All Ministars include a gig bag, guitar strap, 2 extension rods, 1 knee rest extension rod, an adjustable wood block for arm rest, and guitar cable.

The ultimate in portability and on-the-go guitar playing, Ministar guitars weigh in at an amazing 3lbs while the basses are only 5lbs. Benefitting from a patented design, the Minstar’s elegant simplicity will open up a new world of creativity for guitar players.

“The quality of the tone and long sustain coupled with amazing playability make the Ministars an unbelievable value,” says Wiley, “and the unique adjustable nut allows for breathtakingly low action with no buzz. I have found over and over again that anyone who picks up a Ministar just can’t put it down!”
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